“SOMEONE” should . . .

“SOMEONE” should call 911!

“SOMEONE” should pick up all of that trash!

“SOMEONE” should invent a gadget that Automatically solves this problem!

“SOMEONE” needs to get busy and FIX this economy!

“SOMEONE” should start a business that fills this gap in our community!

“SOMEONE” should come up with a class to teach me how to ________

“SOMEONE” should call me to Buy or Sell a house!

“SOMEONE” should . . .

How many times a day/week/month/year do you hear or say: “”SOMEONE” should . . . !”?

How would the world and your world be different if each time you thought, said, or heard that phrase, you saw it as an opportunity to take some level of responsibility by TAKING ACTION!

I’m not implying that you always tackle and DO every time . . . You’d never be able to do it ALL yourself.

This is more about staying tuned to the world around us and “Match-making” ideas with people who have the expertise, talent, and drive to do something about them.

So . . . What if . . . Instead of saying “SOMEONE should . . . !”, you change your words to “WHO could?”

That “WHO” could be YOU, or it could be SOMEONE you know who is quintessentially qualified and positioned to do something about it.

Either way . . . If it results in a score, you’ve made a difference . . . Much like in sports . . . Often points are scored because of the brilliance of the “assist” . . . Who was it on the team who spotted the opportunity to score and fed the ball to the player who could best make it happen?

Successful people score more success by recognizing the gaps . . . and doing something about filling those gaps.

Will you make a difference today?

Just sayin’



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