Some Maintenance Required

With proper maintenance, things work better and longer.

jeepThis is a Willys Jeep Military M38. 

When I enlisted in the Army in 1981, these were the primary mode of transportation along with larger “Deuce and a halfs” and “5 tons” most of which had been manufactured at the tail end of WWII (Early 1950s). Catastrophic accidents aside, each of these jeeps was in service for 30+ years before being replaced by SUVs and ultimately HUMVEEs.

When’s the last time you used a vehicle for 30+ years?

How did the Army keep these things rolling for so long?

The answer is easy: “Regular Maintenance” . . . Every vehicle driver was required to check EVERY vehicle prior to driving it EVERY time – Fluid levels, lights, tire pressure, etc – and if something wasn’t working right, off to the maintenance shop for immediate repair. Everything was documented in a Log including miles driven every time the vehicle was driven.

This same degree of maintenance was required for ALL equipment and weapons ALL of the time. After all, no one wanted to be in a HOT zone with non functional equipment. Our lives depended on this.

The mantra was simple: Every use would begin with assessment of readiness using a checklist and end with thorough cleaning and assessment. Even equipment that was not used frequently was “exercised” on a set schedule and maintained accordingly.

So . . . While we spent lots of time training, we also spent about the same amount of time keeping our equipment clean and functionally ready.

The result was reliability of performance and longevity.

How does this apply to our personal and professional lives?

  • Automobiles
  • Lawn Equipment
  • House (and systems)
  • Yard
  • Children
  • Our own bodies
  • Our minds
  • Our Spiritual well-being
  • Our Social and emotional states
  • Our families
  • Our friendships
  • Our pets
  • Our professional expertise
  • Our database – Sphere of Influence
  • Our discipline
  • Our readiness to live a full life

and the list goes on . . .

Slow down and pay attention to regular maintenance in all aspects of your life, and enjoy the reward of a longer and richer existence while in this human form.

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