Solving the “E to P” enigma to create HUGE Success!

“They” say it can’t be done!

Taming a true Entrepreneur is an impossibility.

Michael Gerber tackled this issue head on with his E Myth Books, and myriad coaches, trainers, consultants, and business gurus have been noodling on it for as long as these free Spirited and completely irresponsible geniuses have been innovating . . . well . . . since probably the beginning of human-kind.

E to PSo . . . Is it possible to take a perfectly good Entrepreneur and instill some level of INTENTIONAL – PURPOSEFUL action into her?

How can we “repurpose” some of that random, creative energy and establish some real FOCUS towards a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goal?

The entrepreneur’s not going to like this one bit . . . Kinda like trying to a cat a bath.

You might do better to figure out how to fit that square peg into that round hole.

Yet . . . We DO all benefit by figuring this piece out because these entrepreneurs tend to have the BEST ideas, but often fail to fully develop them into anything that resembles “success” because they’re not wired to be that purposeful . . . Being purposeful isn’t nearly as fun as brainstorming new and different possibilities.

To generate INCOME and SUCCESS from Entrepreneurial Seizures, adding intentional, appropriate, FOCUSED ACTION is essential.

The Holy Grail is the answer to the question: “How do we get from E to P?” with any given brilliant idea?

Consider the graphic above. For years, I have pondered this E to P enigma and honestly have struggled with it myself. I can’t begin to tell the number of GREAT ideas I’ve concocted in my head that never made it to the drawing table . . . and upon which I never took action.

In church on Sunday, our Adult Education Leader was talking about different religious “Orders” in times past (several hundreds of years ago) . . . He drew the above graphic and Labelled the red peak “Ascetical  Theology” and the Blue peak “Mystical Theology” to demonstrate how the shift went from Ascetical to Mystical over time . . . It was a gradual happening that resulted in a completely Mystical existence – Sainthood.

One might think this a bit of a stretch, but the “AHA” light turned on in my head.

With respect to any given entrepreneur generated brilliant idea, it starts when it’s ALL “E”

The Green arrow indicates the direction it must flow to ultimately succeed and generate GREEN (Money/Profit/Income)

As it flows, more intentional and appropriate structure forms until it reaches that point of “SUCCESS” – Reaching the goal of being “Purposeful”

As this idea morphs along, the entrepreneur will indubitably lose interest and will wander off (Let go) to cook another brilliant idea.

Sans Entrepreneur, said idea (Assuming there’s a “P” moving it forward) becomes more solid and evolves into a viable (Profitable) venture.

So . . . In this way of thinking, we are not necessarily attempting to rewire the Entrepreneur to become purposeful (although bringing him a little way down that path will be useful) . . . We want him to birth the idea and stay present until the “P” people have a good enough grasp of it to turn it into something REAL.

Herein lies the importance of surrounding yourself with people wired differently than you.

If you’re all “E” . . . find a “P” you can trust (and tolerate) . . .

If you’re all “P” . . . find an “E” you can trust (and tolerate) . . .

and practice the flow of the above graphic.

Do this right, and you will have found that Holy Grail of “E to P”

and you’ll BOTH become bajillionaires . . .

Don’t forget to send me my cut of the profits 🙂

Enjoy the ride and please report back to me with your stories of success.



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