So . . . You wanna start a blog, eh?

Many folks have asked me how to do it.

Are you ready for this?


I know this sounds flippant, but the key to blog writing is writing the blog consistently over time.

Sure! If you listen to the Lead Generation experts, they’ll all tell you about stuff that (if you think too much) will persuade you over and over again NOT to start a blog.

Many people agonize over WHERE to write the blog. Should it be on your website or on WordPress or Active Rain . . . or WHERE to get the most exposure?

What should content  be for maximum exposure?

How can you get business from your blogging?

Where can you consistently find content for your blog?

Should I research before writing? Cite sources? Add lots of interesting pictures and videos?

Shouldn’t every post be PERFECT before I hit the “Publish” button?

All of these are questions that move most begining bloggers into analysis paralysis quickly . . . and the effort stalls.

Doesn’t matter one iota what any of the above answers are until you have found your groove/rhythm of consistently writing a new blog post like clockwork . . . every day . . . or every Mon, Wed, & Fri . . . ar whatever your choice . . .as long as it’s consistent and SUSTAINED.

This requires DISCIPLINE to sit down and WRITE SOMETHING – ANYTHING per your regimen.

When you have that part down, the rest will take care of itself. When the discipline is there, you can hone your skills . . . focus your message . . . add some bells and whistles (Links and Pictures and videos), and start working on optimizing your exposure (SEO).

So . . . What should you write about?

As you meander through your days, any time something interesting happens in your range of experience, write it down for a future blog post . . . Then . . . Next time it’s time to write a post, tell the story.

Simple as that . . . nothing more.

Do it in any platform that you find easy to use. I always compose my blogs in WordPress and then publish them @ ActiveRain . . . and feed them to my websites, twitter, Plaxo, linkedin . . .

But don’t worry about any of that until you are CONSISTENTLY WRITING.

No excuses!

and don’t think you’re so smart you can skip steps. You will build your focus and your content and your audience over time through consistent blogging mostly by being who you are . . . and saying what’s in your head.

Don’t get so worried about what other people will think . . .The truth is that not many other people will be reading your blog at the beginning . . . and the ones who do read it with spread the word (virally) as long as you continue to add new content.

There now . . . No rules . . . Other than the simple requirement to tell stories as they happen.

I’m just sayin’



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