So you say you’re a multi-tasker . . .

I know lots of people who pride themselves on their multi-tasking abilities.

Don’t judge me, but . . . I hear more of this bragging from women than Men.

and . . . I DO believe that most women are better at multi-tasking than most men. Women just seem to be more “wired” to tackle multiple tasks simultaneously (rather than sequentially).

Let’s not make this about gender inequalities ­čÖé

When folks multi-task (even women), they may very well accomplish several things simultaneously . . . the REAL question is one of accuracy and efficiency.

Can you do multiple things WELL when multi-tasking?

Can you do these without dropping any balls?

Will you finish all of them completely, or will there be dangling fragments?

Time yourself . . . or have a little race with another person . . .

Your job is 2 tasks – ┬ástack 10 pennies and link 10 paper clips together.

  • Person A is the multi-tasker – Do BOTH at the same time by linking a clip then stacking a penny – then link another clip then stack another penny and so on
  • Person B is ┬ásingle-tasking – Link all 10 Paper Clips – THEN stack all 10 pennies

Who wins?

I’ll bet on “Person B” EVERY time.

This post popped into mind as I sit next to 11 files I need to audit from this month’s closings. When I encountered a barrier (Missing signatures on a document) my tendency would lean towards moving on to another file (rather than persisting through the barrier) . . . Next thing I knew, I had partially audited 4 files and completed NONE in a 2 hour period of time.

A quick pep rally for myself brought me into resolute COMMITMENT to COMPLETE a file before TOUCHING the next.

2 hours later, I had FIVE complete files.

hmmmm . . .

so . . . If you just love unfocused frenetic energy, keep on perpetuating your multitasking prowess . . .

Want some inner peace and harmony in your world?

do ONE thing at a time.

Practice this at a very low level (try the paper clips and pennies exercise) and work your way “up”

“Get” this and:

you’ll probably burn less food in the kitchen . . .

your tub won’t overflow as often . . .

you won’t forget the termite letter for your next closing . . .

and you’ll have SHOES on your feet EVERY time you leave your house for work

It’s a magical mystery solver . . . BREATHE and take the time to do one thing at a time.


OK . . . 6 files left to audit . . . 3 more showed up while I was typing this post.


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