I took a break – 3 days without writing a blog post.

It’s not that I was shunning/abdicating my responsibility, I just didn’t have the mojo and thought that if I took a little “nap” I might recharge the batteries enough to put out some good content.

and so I napped . . . for 2 days . . . and this is what you get 🙂

I missed it, so here I am . . . Typing in my favorite chair.

The other (More Honest) reason for my lack of writing mostly is a result of a mind numbing influx of new business that threw me completely off balance for a few days.

“They” say: “I LOVE it when a plan comes together!”

and I do . . .

The plan that came together involves a whole chain of events that are leading up to  some pretty amazing new developments in the emergence of a “New and Improved” Pareto Realty.

A little over 2 years of hard work and determination are now bearing fruit in the form of:

New website in-process.

Entirely new “Back-office” platform

Addition of a key Staff Member (Director of Operations)

A new brand look including signs and marketing

Addition of a few key REALTOR additions to our sales team

and soon . . . 2 new Offices in Nashville.

Just listing all of these milestones coming together simultaneously makes me tired (Imagine being the “visioner” and the Doer of this maelstrom of activity.

So . . . Look OUT NASHVILLE . . .

Pareto Realty is coming on STRONG in 2013.

end of siesta


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