Should the Buyer and Seller Meet?

In 1993, I launched my career in Real estate Sales.

The custom at the time was that the closing happened in one closing office. EVERYONE would show up at the appointed time, and the Sellers would wait in the lobby while the Buyers went to the conference room to sign the docs to close the loan. When the buyers finished signing, they would come to the lobby and wait while the Sellers signed the deed and other pertinent docs.

When it was all over, everyone would congratulate each other, exchange keys and information, and then it would be over.

This scenario was comfortable 80% of the time – The other 20% of the time were cases in which the Buyers and Sellers had very contentious negotiations . . . or there were “Personal” issues (Divorce) . . . Those were the times we got more strategic and scheduled different people at different times.

What I learned was that the smoothest deals were the ones in which everyone was able to meet at the end. Often, the Sellers and Buyers would end up lingering after the closing with the Sellers telling stories about their memories while living in the house . . . and about quirks (how to unplug the tub drain and turn on the eaves lights) . . . and invariably, they would all exchange telephone numbers and become friends after the closing.

These days, it seems that we all work very hard to keep the Buyers and Sellers away from each other for fear that they might hurt each other.

Our closings are at different times in different locations.

In 80% or more of the transactions, the Buyers and sellers never meet each other.

I wonder though about the loss of wisdom doing things this way.

The Buyers don’t get the benefit of hearing the good vibes of the house.

The sellers don’t have the satisfaction of being able to “Pass the torch”

and what about all those “quirks?”

Like the generator that has a gas tank but actually runs on propane and resides in a dog house across the driveway from the concealed plug embedded in the siding but is on wheels, so it can roll over there . . . and the battery is in the mud room on a trickle charger . . . and before firing it up, you’ve GOTTA go through the secret door in the utility closet to find the electric service panel and turn OFF the main breaker and ON the breaker labelled “Generator” . . . Oh yeah! and the generator has 2 chokes that you’ve gotta press with a particular rhythm before it’ll start after which it’ll hum along for 10 hours on a single bullet of propane.

I’m missing the days when Buyers and sellers liked each other (weren’t afraid of each other).

Did technology do this to us?

Can we just choose to do it “old school” . . .

What’s the worst thing that could happen?


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