Shelf Life . . .

Let’s talk snail mail for a minute.

How often do you check your mailbox?

When you DO check it, what mail do you open and what mail hits the trash unopened?

I’m betting, personal cards and letters get opened and SAVED. They have shelf life.

Why do they have shelf life?

Because they MEAN SOMETHING to you.

How often do you SEND mail?

Other than personal letters and cards, where do you spend your postage dollars?

Do you have a “Farm?” into which you mail regularly in hope that the recipients will open AND save your mailing so they’ll call YOU when they need to do business with you . . . or they’ll send their friends who they know need to do business with you?

When you send those mailings out, do you find yourself more attentive to your phone . . . waiting for it to ring . . . willing it to ring . . . PRAYING for it to ring?

Guess what?

Probable Odds your phone won’t ring from that mail-out until “later” . . . and ONLY if the piece you mailed out has enough MEANING to have shelf life.

There’s gotta be SOMETHING about the mailout that causes the recipients to OPEN IT first . . . and KEEP IT on their refrigerator for future reference.

A simple idea . . . Send a list of all houses currently available in the neighborhood with the simple comment:

“Houses are being Listed and Sold every day in Happy Homes Estates . . . This list will be out of date tomorrow . . . If you’d like to know what’s on the market any day of the year, simply give me a call and I’ll send you a fresh list.”

Then put your telephone number, email address, and website in LARGE FONT at the bottom of the letter.

What other meaningful tidbits create shelf-life for marketing mailers?

OBTW – I watch the Nashville (Middle Tennessee) market like a HAWK.

If you want to know what’s happening your neighborhood, call me!




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