Setting yourself up for embarrassment (Failure)

When you are posting on Facebook, you are doing so as a Public Figure.

This is also true for all other forms of Media including your blogsite, your “remarks” in your MLS Listing and other marketing.

It is true that, when you err, people notice . . . and they judge.

Some folks notice improper use of conjunctions (You’re – Your . . . Their – There – They’re), and the more scholarly of these will also notice punctuation anomalies.

Others overlook the nit-picky stuff and focus on the content.

Does what you are saying make sense?

When you’re composing content “in the heat of the moment,” your “PC Filter” (Politically/Socially Correct) may be absent . . . You might be in a stream of conscious rant that offends and is stronger than you intend.

Some of these readers (Your audience) might consider your comments to be degrading, insensitive, arrogant, and maybe even racist (or otherwise socially profiling).

What then happens is that “they” may take your message the wrong way, and once it’s out there, the damage is done.

Of course, you can delete your rashly published post in hopes that not many people saw it . . . but what about those folks who DID see it?

This leads to unintentional consequences that very well may be damaging to your reputation.

My simple, personal rule regarding sending ANY electronic communication (Including text and email) is to follow the Carpenter’s rule.

Carpenter’s Rule: Measure twice – Cut once

Write it . . . Proof it at least twice (Once for spelling and punctuation and once for content) before publishing.

While I’m at this expose on digital etiquette,  one more rule to follow:

The “last nerve rule” from Barry’s book of saving self from embarrassment and failure.

When someone is getting on your last nerve . . . Literally driving you BONKERS to the point that you just want to SCREAM and get away from them, do NOT talk badly out loud about them . . . EVER. Even better – don’t even think bad thoughts about them because that sets up a cycle of Karma that’s gonna bite you in the butt.

Firstly, they’ll know because your demeanor will tell them . . . and secondly, if you’re thinking those thoughts, you’re going to end up screwing up by uttering a “slip of your tongue” or worse.

I learned this vicariously through one of my first mentors in real estate sales. She had a VERY difficult client who was a chauvinistic narcissist. After a very frustrating phone call, she hit the button to end the call and then went into an out-loud tirade about how much of a jerk he was . . . This tirade was completely unfiltered/uncensored . . . Raw hatred with a nice dose of profanity . . . What she didn’t know until later was that he had ended the call before she . . . and when she thought she hit the “end” button, she had actually hit the “send” button . . . His voicemail picked up and recorded her entire tirade . . .

Don’t let that be you!

If you’ve got inappropriately bad things to say, write them in a word document that cannot be inadvertently sent and revisit it later when you’re cooled off to decide if it’s something you want to proof and revise to send.

PS – I’ve already seen some obscene tirades regarding the election results last night . . . Just don’t!

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