Setting goals doesn’t have to be a BIG, HAIRY, SCARY thing!

Many people will avoid reading this blog post because it has the word “Goals.”

I’m thinking the only way I could attract fewer readers would be to add the word “Accountability” 🙂


Setting Goals has gotten a bad rap through the years because of all of hype around it . . .

and what most people say to me is:

“I know that setting goals is important . . . but it just doesn’t work for me.”


The “Experts” (Coaches, Motivational Speakers, Mentors, Advisers) have ALL always done a great job of reinforcing the notion that without a CLEAR, MEASURABLE Goal . . . where will your efforts lead you?

If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when (if) you get there.

This distinguishes “Wandering” from “Travelling” . . .

Wanderers cannot get lost because they don’t know where they are going.

Travelers tend not only to know WHERE they are going but also have some approximation of WHEN they want to get there.

So . . . If you are one of those folks who don’t think goal setting works for you, there’s a chance you’ve made this exercise more difficult than necessary.

This ain’t rocket science!

Start small . . . a good measurable goal for today might be to make personal contact with every one of your current clients. If you have 5 Listings and 5 Buyer Clients, you’ve got 10 phone calls and/or emails to do before end of day . . . and, of course, you’ll be attending to the details of whatever comes from those contacts.

That’s a goal!

Want to add some accountability?

Write it down . . . fax or email it to a friend with a note that says: “Today, I am going to make contact with all of my current clients before 4 PM. Will you call me at 4:00 and ask me if I’ve done it?”

You’ve done it . . . You Set a goal and attached accountability to it . . . You also added some form to your day.

Of course, this simple idea can expand: “This week, I will create my newsletter for this month and get it in the Mail to my database by Noon on Friday. Will you give me a call Friday @ noon and ask me if I did it?”

“This month, I will list 2 houses, put 4 houses under contract, and close 4 transactions. Will you call me every Monday and ask me how I’m doing?”

“This year, I am going to . . . ”

and so on and so on . . . Keep on practicing, and it WILL WORK for you!

I promise!

Just sayin’,



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