“Selling out” when times are lean . . .

I’m naturally gun-shy about getting involved in Multi-level Marketing businesses (Network Marketing). I see as the economy tightened up, a LOT of folks turned towards “other sources of income”, and I saw more and more “opportunities” coming my way.

Ostensibly (as a business owner and business coach) I tie this discomfort back to FOCUS. That is – If I allow myself to take my eye off the ball of moving my business forward every day, then I am cheating my own potential for success.

The distraction of pursuing “another business” is an entrepreneurial seizure that has the potential for sabotaging my “CAUSE” to build a Residential Real Estate Sales Practice and a Real estate Firm both of which model and support a healthy and satisfying life rhythm.

so . . . I resist all invitations to participate in programs or businesses that might distract me . . . no matter what the promise of financial or “life changing” reward is . . . I’m not willing to “sell out” on my goals and dreams in order to chase a bright, shiny “opportunity” that might make me rich and famous (or not).

I generally won’t even listen to the sales pitches. Every so often, I like the person presenting . . . or am intrigued by the product enough to agree to a meeting to learn more. Without fail, every one of those meetings results in an impassioned and very logical plea for me to “Build my own team” to sell this product that I like . . . and that it will not only result in me enjoying the product for FREE, I will also have HUGE potential for HUGE income as my down-line grows.

Invariably, I leave the meeting disappointed in myself for agreeing to the meeting . . . and feeling somewhat deceived by the person who “hooked me”.

There’s another side of this that Seth Godin exposes in his book “Unleashing The Ideavirus”

People who know and believe in their personal cause/mission are (IMHO) natural born “Sneezers” . . . They spread ideas to others and other people believe them. There are 2 kinds of Sneezers:

“1. Promiscuous Sneezers can be motivated by money or other inducements

2. Promiscuous Sneezers are rarely held in high regard as opinion leaders, but if they’re promiscuous enough, they can be extremely effective.”

MLM companies engage these promiscuous sneezers as they figure out how to “pay folks enough to corrupt them into spreading ideas in exchange for cash.”

POWERFUL SNEEZERS can’t be bought. Every time a powerful sneezer accepts a bribe in exchange for spreading a virus, his power DECREASES.

When you agree to sneeze for money, “you’re getting paid to alter your behavior. That makes you more promiscuous and less powerful.”

People are “far more likely to listen to someone who’s spreading a virus for non-personal gain.”

If you’re reading this blog post, odds are decent you’re a sneezer . . . That is, you have a “following” of people who respect your advice and are watching you and listening to you.

Is it worth jeopardizing the sanctity of these relationships of trust for the possibility of financial gain through “endorsement for hire?”

How much are you willing to risk decreasing your personal power?


I think it’s going to have to be a zero-tolerance approach . . . My goals and my vision and keeping my promises to those I serve are FAR more important to me than a bright, shiny MLM object.

I’m just sayin’




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