Scrubbing your database for the new year

How clean is your database?

If you are seriously in business (ANY business) I’m assuming that you have a database . . . and that you actually USE it at least occasionally but hopefully systematically . . . such that it will generate sufficient leads to sustain good momentum for your business through all “times/seasons” (up and down) of the market.

Is everyone in your database aware that they are in your database or are you a “secret agent” for your business?

How many people are IN your database?

Is it like your Facebook Page where you have a bajillion “friends” but only REALLY know a handful of them?


Most folks I know and coach detest “working on the database”.


Because is entails (perhaps) calling people they don’t know all that well . . .

or haven’t talked to in such a long time that they believe those people don’t want to hear from them . . .

or they are uncertain that they have anything of value to share . . .

or they are “too busy” with the business at hand to be calling a bunch of people who are not likely to need to business with them any time soon . . .

If any of the above shoes fits you, I have a homework assignment for you.


Do this NOW . . . in Mid October . . . because any contact you make with anyone in the next few weeks will do wonderful things for the flow of your business at the beginning of 2011.

I promise!

How to do this . . .

Print it (the WHOLE database) and keep this printed copy with you as you go through your days.

Make contact with EVERY single person SEQUENTIALLY in this database by phone or visit and follow up that contact with a handwritten note – mailed with a business card and an inserted “up-date” brochure about your personal and business accomplishments in 2010.

The SCRUBBING part is this . . . When you run across a person who you dread calling for any of the above reasons, PAUSE and think about this person. Make a conscious decision as to why the discomfort.

If your discomfort is your “fault” and you know and respect them and would like to keep them in your life, then “eat the frog” and make the call.

If during the pause you come to the realization that this person just doesn’t fit as a “know me and love me” kind of person, but you believe they have value as a Vendor or business ally or loose personal acquaintance, keep them in your database but move them into a category you might call “Network Group”.

Within that Network group, I have sub-groups . . . Local REALTORS – Out of area REALTORS – Local Vendors – acquaintances.

If the person doesn’t fit the above and you are dreading the call because you don’t like the person or do not believe their relationship has value in your life . . . DELETE!

If you don’t know the person at all? DELETE!

Your goal?

Create a category in your Database called your “Inner Circle” . . . these are the people you know and love who know and love you who would be pleased to hear from you on a regular basis. These are “real relationships” whose loyalty and friendship all by itself will create a quality of life and business flow for you that self-perpetuates . . .

For most humans, this inner circle won’t exceed 250 people . . . EVER!

Make personal contact with every one of those 250 people a minimum of once every 30 days, and your business will yield @ $250,000 per year in gross commissions . . . I promise!


So, I just revealed the Holy Grail of any sales professional’s success strategy.

Make personal contact every 30 days with 200-250 people who know you and love you.


None of this possible if you don’t have a database.

I’m just sayin’



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