Save the sales pitch for the non-believers

I seldom entertain “Sales Calls.”

The MINUTE I figure out that the reason for their call is to sell me something I don’t need, I cut the call . . . not in a rude way . . . I simply say that now is not a good time . . . I’m not in the market for their product now . . . but if they’ll email me some info, I’ll consider it and call them back when/if I decide to buy.

End of call (Generally less than 2 minutes “wasted”).

Of course, some of them persist and continue with their canned script as if they didn’t hear what I said, and of course I know that they’ve been trained to keep me the “prospect” on the line for at LEAST 3 “NO”s . . . I never give them the satisfaction of hearing that 3rd “NO” because it comes in the form of a “click” followed by a dial tone.

The real truth is that the sales call wasn’t a waste of their time ESPECIALLY if they weren’t too pushy and brash, because I DO consider their product when they send me follow-up information.

If I decide I like their product, I then put it on my list things to explore further.

My personal rule is: “NEVER buy on the first call no matter how cool the product or how much of a “ONE time only BARGAIN” they’re hawking” . . . I’m simply not that loose with my budget.

Here’s the meat of this blog post . . .

When I DO call the sales person back (Perhaps months later), it is because I HAVE decided to buy their product . . . or I’m right on the edge of deciding and only have a few questions.


I’m calling them to BUY . . .

I’ve already decided to BUY!

and most of these sales people (80% of them) feel compelled to SELL me and launch into their scripts in their very convincing manner to tell me all of the myriad reasons I should BUY the product NOW.

It seems, the only difference between these conversations and the initial sales call is that the sales person is trying to hear 3 “YES”s from me before being willing to take my order.

Idiocy and a waste of time, eh?

So . . . If you’re THAT salesperson, just imagine I’m always the guy on the other end of the line who doesn’t need to be sold (again).

Simply be pleasant and take my order . . .

If you pitch me (a believer) as if I’m a Non-believer . . . you may very well talk me out of my decision to buy 🙂

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