Running the numbers – Worth doing

There are lots of folks out there wondering if the Real estate market has improved “enough” for them to sell their house.

Perhaps they wanted to sell their house as the market was sliding down and discovered that they were upside down (Owed more than it was worth) and decided to keep it a rent it out or simply stay put til the market improves.

Now’s a good time for a “numbers check” . . . The market has improved significantly and prices have begun their rise in the Nashville market. Meanwhile, mortgage Interest rates are still LOW and attractive.

In the coming months, Prices will continue rise . . . and interest rates may also begin to tick up . . . when both of these things happen simultaneously, the “Buying Power” of money decreases exponentially.

This presents somewhat of a sweet spot for many home sellers as they wish to sell their house without losing money . . . yet they want a great deal on another house with LOW interest rates.

Everyone wants to have their cake AND eat it too.

This can be done . . . I recommend a bi-monthly “Running the Numbers” check-in with a LOCAL REALTOR and a LOCAL Mortgage Lender so as to determine when they move into this sweet spot . . . and Immediately swing into ACTION.

This is tactical House Selling and Buying at its finest.


I and the other pros at Pareto Realty are quintessentially equipped to help home owners and buyers identify their sweet spots . . .

Give us a ring, and we’ll swing into action.



Published by Barry Owen

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