Round up your posse and save the damsel in distress.


I’m goin’ “Cowboys and Indians on ya today!

As I develop Pareto Realty, i often stop myself and think about WHO to invite to the party and WHY each person would be a good fit. What does each person bring to the table that will help all of us achieve our goals?

That then tumbles into thoughts of what the “end game” – The true mission of a real estate firm (or ANY organization for that matter) is?

Why are we in business in the first place?

Is it all about the money and personal success?

If I create a company that churns out lots of profit and makes tons of money for all of the employees, does that in and of itself make the venture a successful venture?

Maybe so in some folk’s minds, but that’s not good enough in my book. Without question, we do need to make money. We also would like our organization to be sustainable . . .

Sustainability comes from building a reputation of authenticity to something that is perceived by the end customer/client as being desirable and worthy of their investment (the money they pay for your widget or service).

So . . . the organization (that “Gets” this) FIRST builds a strong staff (Posse) that understands that their real job is to administer the firm in  such a way that THEIR primary customers (The Sales Force – REALTORS) can make a great living and develop a healthy balance of live, work, and play.

Each member of the sales force in turn develops his/her own posse of support outside the firm . . . The “right people” who can fill in all of the gaps (Lenders, Inspectors, Appraisers, Insurance, Title etc).

Posse comitatus (common law), a group of men assembled to assist in law enforcement (From wiki)

The posse’s job is to serve and protect the end client, the home Buyer and/or Seller, from all of the dangers and pitfalls lurking in the shadows of the real estate transaction.

I believe that all posses are not necessarily created equal and that the firm can sometimes do things that inhibit the agent’s ability to build his own posse. This issue arises when the firm makes what I believe to be an “addicted to cash flow” decision to align themselves with “affinity relationships” or “Joint ventures” and subsequently coerces the sales force to encourage their clients to use THESE “in-house” vendors instead of others (just to bring more dollars to the bottom line of the firm).

My issue with this is that it creates a friction for the Agent that can actually be inhibiting to personal performance . . . That friction comes from the nuance that the agent loses the power of having his OWN posse . . . a group of professionals who can support him unconditionally – work with him as sponsors for his business and who will refer him business . . . sort of his own personal “Chamber of Commerce”.

So we made a decision with Pareto Realty. A big part of our mission includes serving our associates in such a way that we educate them on the power of the posse and stay out of their way such that they can turn all of their energies towards their CLIENTS.

We think of Leverage through others . . . and this blog post comes from thoughts stemming from a few tough questions about why hire a Pareto Realty agent instead one of those other better known, larger, more “established” firms?

the answer gets easier when the agent can simply say that his firm provides appropriate administrative support, training and coaching, and collective depth of experience to enable him serve his clients at the highest level . . . and his POSSE has his back if anything goes awry.

I’m just sayin’



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