REALTOR Open House – Skunkworks – Developing your Business

Inviting you to a multi-purpose EVENT at Debbie Owen’s listing @ 1027 Holly Tree Farms Road – Brentwood – Tuesday 9/21

Stop by Amy Wyatt’s listing @ 1108 Holly Tree Farms Road on your way to Debbie’s

This is SO exciting . . .

You just MUST come 🙂

  • You’ll preview 2 great houses
  • Debbie & Amy will provide food
  • We are going to have our weekly Skunkworks meeting starting at noon @ 1027 Holly Tree Farms (Topic and info below)

About Skunkworks – Our topic is “Developing your business in weird times”

I think what we all need more than anything in this market is depth of perspective.

What that means to me is that we need to talk to more REALTORS like us who are in this market working through all of the trials and tribulations we face every day.

I also believe there is great benefit to talking with people from different firms . . . Sometimes we allow ourselves to limit our depth by only hanging with the same folks in our offices without going “out there” to hear new and interesting ideas.

Some folks accomplish this by attending conventions and/or motivational seminars.

Why not just show up at a skunkworks or 2?

They’re free and convenient and informal, and I’ve never walked away from one regretting my time investment.

Because Debbie’s listing has no furniture, we are doing a BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) for Skunkworks

Skunkworks are by nature somewhat clandestine, so wear something appropriate (Dark sunglasses?) 🙂

Hope you’ll join us!

The Open house begins @ 11 AM – Skunkworks starts @ Noon on Tuesday 9/21 (or whenever you show up).

PS- I’d love to share what we’re doing @ Pareto Realty with anyone who is interested in learning. Just contact me 🙂

Hope to see you Tuesday,



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