Ramping up a new system . . .

Michael Bungay Stanier wrote: “The point of this exercise was to gain clarity around what is important to you in your life to focus on your Great Work.” in his post this morning entitled:

One Billion Heartbeats

Such an interesting concept . . . That we were all born with about a Billion Heartbeats to “use” in our lifespan . . . What will we each do with ours?

In my twisted little mind, I am perpetually in quest of “NEW” . . . more efficient ways to do things that leverage my time, energy, money, and relationships such that I can get the most out of my Billion Heartbeats.

The excruciating part is that “Ramping up” part.

Why can’t it EVER be an instant gratification – Plug and PLAY – No bumps in the road – Smooth as silk – glide right into the new routine experience?

Like it or not, there are always some dues to pay.

For the past few months, I’ve been yearning for a way to offer my blog audience Email Subscription service so they can wake up in the morning and find my new post in their in-box without me having to execute a bulk email.

I decided I would follow the lead of my favorite blogger Seth Godin and JUMPED into Feedblitz to realize this dream.

I was SO excited because this would free up a few hours every week – Allowing me to re-allocate the use of those heartbeats.

Set-up was amazingly easy, and I was off and running.

I set myself up as a subscriber and noticed that the format for the emails being delivered wasn’t what I wanted . . . so I started fiddling around with things.

Next thing ya know, the settings became a bowl of spaghetti . . . and the problem looms LARGE in my mind.

When I read Michael’s “Billion Heartbeats” post, my blood pressure increased (wasting even MORE heartbeats because my heart was beating FASTER) . . . This issue was eating time that could be spent SO much better doing my own “Great Work”

I succumbed to calling tech support – which was a voice mail advising me to email tech support . . . I wrote the email . . . and then came to the conclusion that it is now time to LET IT GO and move on to other things.

That permission allowed me to use those heartbeats to write this blog post . . .

and if I’m really lucky, the Feedblitz folks will get back to me before the end of the day, and folks who have subscribed will see this post in the format I believe to be the most pleasing.


Thus is the magic of riding the wave . . . Keep on ramping up those new systems . . . and keep on practicing Letting GO . . . Those will be heartbeats well spent.







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