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Can you COMMAND respect?

When I was in the Army, I witnessed some officers who COMMANDED the respect of “their subordinates” while others respected the soldiers under their command and earned the respect of the soldiers who serve WITH them. I always considered the former to be bullies and the latter to be LEADERS.

I know that everyone deserves to be respected.

I also know that we are “supposed” to respect people in roles of authority.

I’ve found that the more I respect others the more they respect me – usually.

Show of respect is a very powerful thing.

The more you practice the better.

If you want better service, respect your server.

Little things like going out of your way to hold a door for another person who is having difficulty . . .

or genuinely thanking the person who bagged your groceries . . .

or realizing that your restaurant server is “in the weeds” and letting him off the hook with acknowledgement and empathy . . .

or listening to and following the advice of the expert serving you . . . and paying her appropriately without quibbling.

In the absence of respect grows resentment which is an extremely powerful and destructive emotion that is very difficult to overcome.

THIS is the fodder for toxic relationships.

Life’s too short!

Respect others!

Remove yourself from relationships in which mutual respect is lacking.

Live, love, laugh, play, learn, and be happy and grateful.



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