Quitting Prevention Hot-line?

Seems like there’s a HOTLINE for darn near ANYTHING!

I wandered around in Google and found a nice mix of them . . .

Bullying Prevention Hot-line

Suicide Prevention Hot-line

Legal Hot-line

Equal Rights Hot-line

Employee Grievance Hot-line

Bacon Hotline

Chocolate Hotline

If there’s a problem, there seems to be a “Panel of Experts” waiting for your call and eager to help you with your troubles.

Without question, these HotLines are useful for everything from saving lives to preventing lawsuits, to mending relationships, to healthier living.

If you’ve got a “issue,” the answers to your questions are just a phone call or Google search away . . .


When I Google “Quitting Prevention Hotline,” all I get is Smoking prevention websites.

What would a “Quitting Prevention Hotline” do?

It would provide counsel and guidance to anyone considering QUITTING – well – ANYTHING!

I don’t see this HotLine as being a tool to stop someone from quitting altogether as much as a “sounding board” to weigh the options BEFORE quitting.

This might avert premature QUITTING . . .

It might facilitate a long over-due QUITTING that’s dragging ya down.

Y’see! I don’t have an issue with QUITTING as long as it’s an INTENTIONAL CHOICE!

I subscribe to a Law we reference in Open Space Technology known as “The Law of Two Feet” which simply states that if at any time you find yourself in a place at which you are neither giving nor receiving anything of value, it is YOUR responsibility to use your two feet to take yourself to a place where you CAN contribute and/or receive something of value.

In short . . . Very intentionally being USEFUL in every moment.

If your path turns out to ending in a cul-de-sac, QUITTING and changing direction may be in order.

Just because the going gets rough (You Hit The Dip – A Seth Godin book that would be required reading for the Hotline Answerers) doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to QUIT.

Is your passion for the idea still alive?

Is the gap you intend to fill still a gap?

Are the right people on your bus?

What are your options?

These are the things the “Quitting Prevention Hot-Line” might address.

Until that Hot-Line comes to fruition, I guess we can make do with siply asking ourselves a few questions before pulling the plug:

Will I pause long enough to either:




I think you owe it to yourself to be very intentional about quitting (or not)

Happy surfing 🙂

PS: I’ve worked with a LOT of Home Buyers and Sellers in the past few years whose frustration with the real estate market has brought them to the brink of QUITTING the process. This is when I become the “Quitting Counselor” . . . and most folks end up remembering why they started the process and choose to resolutely move forward . . . Just call me at my “Real Estate Quitting Hot-Line” 615-568-2123 if you’re wondering if your home search or sale process has wandered into a cul-de-sac.

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