Quit selling!

My new “friend” on Facebook’s first communication was a direct message to me to sell me his widget.

I’ve followed Michael Hyatt’s blog for years because he has many brilliant insights about business and productivity, but I “unsubscribed” yesterday because it seems every communication has become just another sales pitch.

One of my favorite mortgage lenders turned me off with his incessant canned voice mail and text solicitations . . . seldom a real, in person call or visit. I removed him from my “Allied Partners” list.

A high school friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen in many (30+) years, popped in suddenly with a pitch to buy Life insurance – Followed by weekly scripted phone calls . . . Even after I told him I was not a viable prospect for his product . . . I ultimately had to give him the Nashville music industry “cold shoulder.”

We all have myriad stories like this.

What’s the matter with this is that these sales people don’t care about the people they are calling (At least, that’s my feeling). They care only about themselves and getting another deal.

This, my friends, is an affliction I call “Commission Breath” which cause the sales person to do anything and say anything (true or not) to score a sale.

There is another (better) way to score more deals.

Be authentic and have genuine interest in the people with whom you think would benefit by buying what you are selling.

Take the time to learn enough about them to know their wants and needs and bring them an offering which solves one or more of their real problems.

Don’t waste their time.

Don’t interrupt their personal and professional flow with incessant phone calls and messages.

In a nutshell, gain permission to earn their business through the building of a relationship.

I know this takes time, and I know you NEED the sale NOW, but . . .

Your SELL SELL SELL aproach get you a sale today .

When you build genuine relationship, you gain a new friend AND receive repeat and referral business for life.

QUIT selling to me!

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