Prioritization Machine

Today, I was rambling through my Saturday morning Computer/internet “routine” which is as ADD as anything I ever do . . . COMPLETELY without structure – Form – Direction – Purpose . . . No focus whatsoever.

I do this “routine” because it always seems to lead to some of the most amazing (to me) insights and discoveries.

Oh! I found a cool “Off the grid” page on Facebook . . .

Checked email and found some documents I needed to store in the right place for them . . .

while downloading those docs, I noticed my “Downloads” folder had a LOT of files . . . so i decided to open each of them and put them where they belong.

These files were a variety of things – mostly work-related . . . some humorous . . . random pictures . . . It was a nice tour of what has happened since the last time I cleaned out the “Downloads” file (Kinda like sorting through your attic)

I stumbled across this image. This is a simple little amusing thing which really struck me as being COMPLETELY true and clarifying. “You only can choose 2” . . . You cannot have it all . . . If you choose only one, you exclude the other 2 . . . Choosing all 3 denotes “perfect balance” . . . so choosing ONLY 2 provides the “just right” amount of focus.

Intrigued, I began to fiddle around with the simple idea of using this model as a “Prioritization Machine.” I went to my favorite electronic drawing sandbox (Google Draw) which even I can use without training 🙂

Here’s what I made!













Imagine the possibilities.

Just insert ANY of your life roles (Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Self, REALTOR, Friend) and imagine any project relating to that role . . .

What are the 3 primary “Push me – pull you” competitors for your Time, energy, money, attention. Plug’m into the boxes and pick 2 . . . Then put everything you’ve got into those 2 til you’re feeling like you’ve made good progress . . . Re-evaluate every so often as the project moves along.

Here’s one I did while playing.


So . . .

Have fun with this . . .

and let me know what it does for your clarity?

the more I do this . . . the more I realize that “People” is ALWAYS one of my 2 choices . . . Family, Friends, Clients . . .

Work with me to buy or sell a house, and we’ll have fun with this “Prioritization Machine”

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