Preparing your House for the Market Begins with CLEAN!

“Staging” is all the rage these days when it comes to preparing a house for selling.

In fact, there’s an entire industry built around staging houses.

Trained Professional Stagers are VERY good at “dressing up pigs” to help them sell – and making beautiful houses more appealing.

Statistically speaking, a house that’s been professionally staged sells significantly faster than those that aren’t.

House Stagers pay close attention to colors (decor), furniture placement, decluttering, Curb appeal . . . The LOOK, FEEL, and SMELL of the house.

There’s one thing that MUST happen before the House Staging pro can work effective magic . . . The house must be CLEAN.

Some folks think of “Clean” as being a relative term. My kids think that if all the toys are off the floor and where they belong, the house is CLEAN.

I’ve seen some other interpretations of “clean” that would astonish you.

So . . . I thought I’d build a list of the TOP 10 MUSTS to qualify as CLEAN.

  1. WINDOWS – ALL of the windows inside and out including between the storms and the glass, the window sills . . . no visible dirt/cobwebs
  2. CARPETS – Professionally cleaned – Spot free and odor free – Stretched
  3. FLOORS, thresholds, and baseboards – Scrubbed
  4. DUSTING – Ceiling fan blades, all surfaces including decorative ledges and shelves, Light Fixtures and shades, Window Blinds
  5. APPLIANCES – Stove, Oven, Refrigerator (Whether it stays or goes), dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer, Heat and Air units, Water Heater . . . Make them ALL sparkle – Buyers think CLEAN appliances are newer and/or maintained better
  6. FILTERS – Clean the HVAC intake – The stove/microwave – Dryer vent
  7. GARAGE – At least sweep it and organize the clutter
  8. Yard – Trim bushes and trees away from the house – Keep grass height trimmed and uniform
  9. MAILBOX – Clean and shiny
  10. LIGHT BULBS should ALL be operational

Attend to these 10 cleanliness musts, and your house will ALREADY have a competitive advantage over most of the competition (unless they, too, read this post).

Here’s the best news . . . YOU – The House seller can do ALL of this at VERY low cost (Just time and elbow grease).

Once it’s done, your house will Look, Feel, and Smell inviting to your prospective Buyers . . . and they’ll pay MORE because their perception will be that you have cared lovingly for this house as long as you have owned it.

Now that you’re confident you have it clean, call in the professionals beginning with a REALTOR who may introduce you to a professional stager to complete this project of presenting your house at its BEST to the House Buying public.

Selling your house really DOES begin with CLEAN!

If you’re in Middle Tennessee and are contemplating a move, connect with me NOW . . . I and our team of performance oriented real estate sales professionals at Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to work with you to get the job DONE!


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