Potential Energy and your career . . .

What’s your potential?

How powerful are YOU?
Do you know?
How do you know?
Are you as “successful” as you want to be?
I don’t mean “Successful” by other people’s standards, I mean successful by YOUR standards.
What can you do to tap into more of your potential and perform in life at a higher level?
I think the best place to start is to understand the MEANING of “Potential Energy” . . .
Read the below paragraph more than once to get the real essence of “Potential Energy” from wikipedia
  • Potential energy exists when a force acts upon an object that tends to restore it to a lower energy configuration. This force is often called a restoring force. For example, when a spring is stretched to the left, it exerts a force to the right so as to return to its original, unstretched position. Similarly, when a mass is lifted up, the force of gravity will act so as to bring it back down. The action of stretching the spring or lifting the mass requires energy to perform. The energy that went into lifting up the mass is stored in its position in the gravitational field, while similarly, the energy it took to stretch the spring is stored in the metal. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed; hence this energy cannot disappear. Instead, it is stored as potential energy. If the spring is released or the mass is dropped, this stored energy will be converted into kinetic energy by the restoring force, which iselasticity in the case of the spring, and gravity in the case of the mass. Think of a roller coaster. When the coaster climbs a hill it has potential energy. At the very top of the hill is its maximum potential energy. When the car speeds down the hill potential energy turns into kinetic. Kinetic energy is greatest at the bottom.
Continuing to do the same things every day, week, month, year, decade denies you the benefit of your REAL Potential energy.
Sure, you can stay as you are and can be content with your “station in life” . . . and your potential will be unrealized (that energy is THERE waiting to be exercised).
I think most people choose not to do this because it requires EFFORT (climbing the Hill) to reach maximum potential.
What kind of “effort” would be required?
How ’bout making a conscious decision to allow other people to hold you ACCOUNTABLE to do what it takes?
Once that decision is made, all you’ve gotta do is identify a coach, mentor, accountability partner, or all three.
If you are uncomfortable with what you just read, then I believe you have a LOT of untapped potential 🙂
Just sayin’
PS – One of the fundamental beliefs of the Business model of Pareto Realty centers around the importance of the Broker:Agent relationship as a way of stretching the agent to higher and higher levels of performance in life . . . “Get” this . . . and the rest is just gravy 🙂

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