Positivity and facebook

Sometimes I wonder . . .

Pardon me while I think out loud for a few minutes.

Social media (and for that matter, all forms of digital communication – Twitter, Text, Email, etc) offers astounding “Concealment” for folks who feel compelled to project a “Larger (or wiser/smarter/Successful) than life” public image of themselves.

He might brag about  business accomplishments that never happened . . .

Or she might proselytize about how up-beat and POSITIVE her life is . . .

just as others drone on about how awful their lives are . . .

With all of this plastic stuff in the room, how does anyone know the difference?

What’s real?

Who’s real?

How can we be assured that they’re not all just legends in their own minds?

In the Army, we knew that Concealment was important so the enemy wouldn’t be able to see us and know our real capabilities. We did this on purpose so we could gain the competitive advantage through the element of SURPRISE (the most powerful combat strategy).

Concealment was almost always a ruse to deceive (Trojan Horse).

We also knew that concealment wasn’t enough to win the battle . . . we also needed to have COVER and some real, live, authentic ability to maneuver and fight on the battlefield.

“Cover” offers a protective barrier in addition to concealment (a Hardhat VS a baseball cap)

The term “Blowing your cover” rings true . . .

When conducting relationships digitally, pay attention to this positivity factor.

If it smells like a rat, it probably is . . .

and if you really want to “blow his cover,” do some research (Google) . . . Visit him in his office (or home), invite him out for lunch or coffee.

Digital legends seldom maintain their prowess in real life.

Those Emperors have no clothes!

BTW – Did I tell you I sold 11 houses last weekend and closed 16 transaction last month and am the highest producing Residential Real Estate Sales Professional is ALL of Middle Tennessee?

Oh yeah!

and I can run a marathon in less than 3 hours barefoot in the snow đŸ™‚



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