Please See Attached

In our never ending quest to reduce ALL of our activities to the lowest common denominator, I present to you:

Please See Attached!

Which can, of course, be further reduced/simplified to:


(For whatever reason, the most simplified version must ALWAYS BE IN ALL CAPS.)

Using these 3 (or 1) words now can serve as a complete side of any conversation or negotiation.

It’s especially useful when you want to negotiate, but you really don’t know what to say . . .

or are intimidated by the opposing negotiator . . .

or are embarrassed by the ridiculousness of the proposal/counter offer you have been tasked to defend . . . 

or maybe you’re just L.A.Z.Y. and you want the documents to fend for themselves.

God forbid that you actually pick up the phone and have a CONVERSATION to state your case.

After all, isn’t it easier to make the assumption that the other side will either agree or disagree with the proposal and will counter or not, and either way you’ve got a dinner date and don’t want to be late?

Technology enables this inert style of negotiating.

I think it’s a HUGE disservice to all parties.

This is a “Communication VOID” like nothing else.

A better way?

Make a call and have a discussion . . . come to some semblance of agreement and one party agree to put it in writing . . . then send it to verify that what’s on paper is what was agreed.


OK – So maybe you really DON’T have time to make a call . . . 

Can you tap out a quick summary of “Where you’re coming from from” to go with the “ATTACHED”?

Dear Suzi,

Thank you for the offer!

I have presented it to my clients, and we have together considered all of the terms and have put together the attached Counter offer.

Price to $427,500 after careful review of recent market activity

Closing date to September 15 – The Seller has already purchased a house and want to close both simultaneously

They’ve agreed to leave the Porsche in the garage as a bonus for the Buyer.

I hope your clients are agreeable to these terms, and I look forward to a SMOOOOTH Transaction with you.

Thank you SO much for the offer,

With Love,


OK – That took me @ a minute and a half to write . . .

MUCH better than “ATTACHED”

We can ALL do better than “ATTACHED”

What say you?

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