“My child, treat yourself well, according to your means . . . Do not deprive yourself of the day’s enjoyment.”

(Sir 14:11, 14)

It’s Biblical!

“treat yourself well, according to your means”

How often are you over-whelmed by “ALL OF IT?”

These days, it’s easy to find ourselves consumed by the immensity of all that looms in front of us.

  • Too much to do and not enough time
  • Too many bills and not enough money
  • No time for “Self-Time”
  • Life’s pace is frenetically full of interruptions and distractions

We often feel that FOCUS seems an impossibility.

I hear this from our children, from my colleagues, and from numerous “Friends” on social media.

Of course, we have plenty of cliches that apply:

  • Life’s too short . . .
  • How do you eat an elephant? (One bite at a time)
  • Break it down piecemeal rather than attempting to tackle the whole meal
  • Capture a 10,000 foot image and attend to the most important things

At one of my first jobs working in a 120 degree warehouse slinging 50 pound boxes 8 hours a day for minimum wage, I’ll never forget Doug who worked in the receiving department.

When things went wrong, Doug would always proclaim: “Shucks! That ain’t nothin’ but a THANG! . . . Besides, no one will care about it 5 years from now anyone, so there’s no point in stewin'”

Doug was right . . . EVERY time.

A few hours (or days) later, NONE of it was nearly big as it had seemed to be while in the midst of it.

What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger!

So . . . Treat yourself well and don’t ever forget to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

You are “Some kind of wonderful!”

Just sayin’



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