Pause and Breathe

Every one of us has many reasons to hyperventilate several times  darn near every day.


In this frenetic-paced overstimulating electronic whirlwind of a world, the minute we think we have a grip – something significant changes.

Even the steady rocks shift without notice sometimes.

This week, our 5th grade daughter came home from school and reported that her entire home-room “got switched” and no-one knows why? They picked up 22 10 & 11 year old kids and moved them from their familiar home room to a different room . . . and brought the 22 10 & 11 year old kids and moved them into “our” homeroom . . . The teachers stayed where they were originally.

I called one of the teachers and asked why? He said he knew but that he could not tell me because of “legal and confidentiality issues” . . .


The fat lady ain’t singin’ yet on that one.

This gives rise to a conspiracy theory that’s clamoring for attention.

People are SO enamored by change that they are doing it just because they feel like it’s what they have to do . . . not because it makes sense or improves their world.

Change keeps people BUSY!

Is it “job security?”

Back to the 10 year olds . . . We also have a 13 year old daughter . . . Our 10 year old is passing our 13 year old with respect to use of technology. Our 13 year old daughter is “old school” in comparison to our 10 year old (a difference of 3 school grades).


Do you have any clue what that means to us parents?

I’m 50 . . . I must be “Pre-historic School” relative to even the 13 year old.

This is mind-boggling.

I just launched a new website for Pareto Realty here

and created daily

and weekly feeds for email subscriptions to my blogsite

I had to call tech support in all cases.

Has the technology gotten over my head or is it less important to me to have to figure it out on my own?

I like to think the latter – that I’ve learned my limitations and that there’s no shame in asking for assistance from a pro.

For me to get to this point, I had to endure the agonizing reality that the raplex (rapidly complex) has finally overwhelmed even ME (The real estate broker technology wiz).

I quickly figured out that I would need to PAUSE and BREATHE.

The pause takes me out of the tumultuous rapids and always me the space and time to gather myself and to BREATHE.

When we do this, we buy ourselves time for re-focusing such that we can then move forward intentional with the leverage we need to get the job done.

Believe me . . . you DO have time to PAUSE so you can BREATHE


PS – Every real estate transaction provides multiple opportunities for hyperventilation for both clients and REALTORS. As I work with Home Buyers and Sellers, I continually look for signs of need for PAUSE . . . We Breathe . . . re-group . . . and then continue the journey towards the goal (a closing)

If you’re in the mood to move, contact me now, and we’ll get this process started with an initial consultation.

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