Patience – Hype – Bubble – Conspiracy Theory?

Patience > Hype….

My friend and client Nick is a GENIUS!

We were talking about today’s Real Estate market here in Middle Tennessee.

We burst into 2014 with record numbers of sales, and many areas of town have been “Blessed” with rapidly increasing prices.

With the inventory being all but gone, the sales have slowed because there’s nothing for the buyers to buy.

Some of the “experts” are interpreting the tapering of activity to be a harbinger of the bursting of a bubble.

Conjecture like this will freeze just about any home Buyer or seller in her tracks.

Why would someone want to buy a house at an “inflated” price at a time when a bubble burst is in the foreseeable future?

Why would anyone want to sell a house in this market thereby requiring them to buy another house (and becoming that Buyer referenced above)?

There’s a LOT of HYPE and sensationalism out there because no-one really knows.

So . . . what happens when there’s uncertainty?

People FREEZE!

and as most intuitively aware people “get” the premise that

Patience > Hype

As long as the proselytizers are singing HYPE, the house Buyers and Sellers will park themselves on the sideline and patiently wait.

Here’s the rub . . . What if the HYPE really IS HYPE and nothing more than meaningless gibberish and the buyers and sellers are buying into a conspiracy theorist’s false story?

Would they then miss a golden window of opportunity to buy at today’s prices before they RISE to HIGHER tomorrow’s prices?

Whether or not the bubble bursts, the inventory of available houses for sale is not likely to catch up to demand any time soon.

Any way we slice it, Patience is ALWAYS more (better) than HYPE.

Insulate yourself from making decisions based on baseless HYPE by consulting with your LOCAL REALTOR . . . and NO ONE else.

and if the time is right for you to move . . . Just DO it!

PS: I and our team of Niche Specialists at Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to help you choose your path to your new digs.

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(Nashville is a “No Burst Zone”)

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