Pace Yourself

The meeting is scheduled for 3:00 PM across town (20 Minutes away):

You set a goal to leave the office at 2:30 to give yourself a 10 minute margin.

This means you should set wheels in motion @ 1:30 to prepare the needed market analysis and printing of required documents.

Ah yes! A well thought out plan.

The lunch meeting that was to begin @ noon didn’t start til 12:15 because the person with whom you were meeting was late. The restaurant was crazy busy, and the food didn’t arrive at the table til 12:45 . . . and by the time the bill was settled, the clock had rolled over 1:15.

You know in the best of circumstances you’ll be able to walk into your office @ 1:30 and are not concerned because of your built-in 10 minute margin.

BUT . . . your anxiety begins to rise because this 3:00 meeting is SO important, and you want to be POSITIVE that you are fully prepared.

The computer freezes up and requires a reboot

The printer jams

You clear the jam and discover the toner is out.

While you’re replacing the toner cartridge, you notice it needs more paper . . .

Which requires a trip to the supply closet where, of course, you’ll have to open a new box of paper with those plastic box straps that can ONLY be cut . . . so you’ve gotta find scissors or a knife.

Through all of this, your phone is ringing and chirping INCESSANTLY – Seems everyone you called, texted, and emailed this morning has decided to respond NOW.

With every interruption, anxiety increases . . .

and you start making mistakes.

With each mistake comes need for a ReDo and more precious time off the clock.

In spite of all of the above, you make it to your car (panting) at 2:40 . . . feeling good that it is still mathematically possible for you to be on time for the uber-important 3:00 appointment.

As you pull out of the parking garage, reality sets in . . . as James Taylor’s song “Damn this traffic jam” plays on the radio.

You’re DOOMED!

At this point, you have choices . . .

Continue to freak out and cause a traffic accident or give yourself a heart attack.


Pace yourself . . .

Let it ALL go!


Call the person you are to meet at 3 and, with appropriate apology, let them know you will be “fashionably late” by about 20 minutes.

NOW . . . the MOST important part of this “Pacing Yourself” . . .

Plug in your favorite music and CRANK IT UP!

Enjoy the drive as you sing and dance to the music.

Arrive at 3:20 refreshed and HAPPY!

Guess what?

You could have made that choice to pace yourself sooner 🙂

Maybe next time, eh?

(all in the name of promoting a kinder, gentler, happier life experience)

PS . . . For me . . . It’s Jimmy Buffet with all of the car windows and sunroof open . . . By the time I reach the destination, I’m usually sporting a full blown Afro.

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