Organized enough to handle a high volume of business?

Believe it or not, one of most prohibitive barriers inhibiting the average person from being productive at a high level is ORGANIZATION (lack thereof).

Most folks in sales have the ability, agility, capacity, skill set to generate more than “enough” leads to fill their business pipeline, but when it comes to the follow-up and servicing of these leads, they fall short . . . and the leads lose interest and buy elsewhere.

This is a gaping hole in the bottom of the lead bucket – very inefficient.

How do you patch this hole?

Gary Keller offers an easy solution . . . with People, Systems, and Tools – LEVERAGE

For most, this is much easier said than done.

so . . . I’m going offer a couple of simple little tips that could very well open up enough space in your world to increase your productivity enough to add at LEAST one additional transaction every month. Exciting stuff, eh?

Busyness VS Business – Don’t confuse the 2. Busyness means that you’re doing something that virtually any living and breathing human can do. Sure, that stuff must be done . . . the question is: “Must it be done by YOU?

  • Can you delegate it to someone else?
  • Can you create a system such that you do it the first time (to set up the system) then let the system handle it going forward?
  • Could you buy a tool (Computer Program, equipment) that can do the task?

Don’t you hate it when you need a specific document relating to a current transaction, and you cannot find it? This is excruciating. Finding that one document could derail a perfectly  fantastic day as business turns into busyness.

This is always going to happen . . . especially as more business starts to flow.

The essential key to solving this enigma lies in your ability to master the art of the PAUSE.

When times like that happen, and you’re all in a swivet . . . PAUSE . . . THINK . . . What could you do differently in your daily flow (Routine/System) to avoid this losing of a single document ever again? What change in your current way of doing things could you implement immediately to be SURE that you never lose THAT document again?

Make the adjustment . . . and move on.

“There’s a place for everything and everything has a place”

My secret weapon is 3 ring binders. I was having a hell of a time figuring out how to have all of the documents relating to my active listings handy at all times. As my listing inventory grew, my ability to remember even the simplest of details (like the price and square footage) dwindled (could also be attributed to senility – which I inherited from y children), I PAUSED . . . and remembered the 3-ring binder – VOILA! Each listing now has a tab in this binder which travels EVERYWHERE with me in my briefcase.

When the listing closing, the tab and all of the documents exit the 3-ring binder and go into the closed file cabinet.

Easy as pie . . .

So do you want to do more business with less effort?

concentrate more on “busi” and less on “Busy” ness


Here at Pareto Realty, we’re taking this up a couple more notches and creating 2 “Operations Manuals” which define how we do things around here . . . One for Real Estate Sales and Servicing Clients . . . and another for developing business and marketing/web . . .

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