“Opt OUT” or “Opt IN”?

We all work both sides of this issue.

We don’t like to receive “SPAM” (indiscriminately sent,¬†Unsolicited, bulk Emails)

yet most of us do this to other people . . . Whether it be by sending “new Listing” or “Open House” or any other sales pitch banter . . . It’s ALL SPAM.

The recipients didn’t ask for it . . . They “earned it” by making their contact information public.

Of course, the senders find peace (justification) by adding an “Opt Out” message at the tail end of the message . . . mostly to comply with the law.

“If you do not wish to receive these messages, reply to this message with “Remove”

I’m guilty as charged and have decided it’s time to do something about this . . . so I’m quitting (spamming) and moving towards “Permission Based” interaction.

Until now, I have added every new person I meet to my database (Which I will continue to do) and assigned them to a group (Which I will continue to do) so I can keep in touch with them through time (which I will continue to do).

I write a blog post every day, and each week I blast email each of my groups once (sometimes twice) each week. All of these emails have an “Opt Out” at the end.

How presumptive . . .

Here’s my new way:

I’m creating a system by which my contacts (Family, Friends, Colleagues,¬†Acquaintances, “followers”) can Opt IN to receive feeds of my blog posts (via daily email, RSS feed, or virtually any social Media Platform).

Simply by subscribing HERE: http://www.feedblitz.com/f?sub=851249

These blog posts typically cover “Life Rhythm” in an Open Space Technology, FourFold Wayish sorta way with a real estate twist . . . and are ALL applicable to EVERYONE and all businesses . . . It’s quality of life, personal performance and High achievement stuff.

I’ll continue to write a blog post every day about these matters AND about the myriad community events and conferences I coordinate, like:

Lunch and Learns

The Nashville Real Estate Consortium 2012

SO . . . I’ve purged my mass email database – It’ll be empty after I hit “send” on this final email. If you would like to continue to receive blog posts and event invitations from me, simply follow this link to SUBSCRIBE.

No worries – If you choose not to “Opt In,” I will continue to keep in touch on a personal 1:1 level over time – with phone calls, visits etc.


Let’s get together for coffee or lunch some time soon?



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