One thing not to do

How’s your list of things to do looking these days?

If it’s anything like mine, it can be overwhelming.

Do you feel like that gerbil on the exercise wheel running running running and getting nowhere?

The faster you go the behinder you get?

Not enough hours in the day . . .

STOP the madness!

Try this!

Instead of “Building” your list of things to do, pull that list from yesterday out and begin every day with identifying one thing NOT to do.


Quit complicating your life unnecessarily. There’s only one of you and there are only 24 hours each day and you certainly deserve some quality “Love, Laugh, and Play” time outside of all that doing.

As you plan your day, consider each thing on your list:

  • Must this be done today? If not, put it on tomorrow’s list or a “Someday List” . . . It has no business cluttering up today’s list if it’s not vitally important TODAY.
  • Does this need to be done at all? Maybe it was a “great idea” when it initially made it on your list . . . and as time has passed and other things have happened, its relevance to today has waned to insignificance . . . Get it OFF Today’s list, but don’t delete . . . move it to your “Archived List” . . . Over time, this “Archived List” will become a veritable treasure chest of “new ideas” that may become relevant in a different time and under different circumstances
  • Must I be the one to do this? Is it in alignment with my Focus and talent? Who do I know who could do this better and more efficiently at a fraction of the cost in my time, energy, and money?
  • What PART of this can I do today? Is this thing an elephant that must be done by me, but is too big to tackle in whole today? Broken down to multiple parts, I can get it done over time – maybe an hour each week for 4 weeks.
  • Which of the surviving things on today’s list are MOST important? This list should now be shorter and more palatable. Let’s now rank them in order of Vitality to my mission – my short and long range goals and aspirations.
  • When will I do them TODAY? This is where you Time Block your day. Create a calendar and schedule start and finish times beginning with the most important (Lead Generating/Dollar productive).

Throughout every moment of every day, always be on the lookout for another thing not to do.

Engage People – Design Systems – Invest in appropriate Tools to leverage yourself.

Live more – Work less – PLAY more!


BTW – If you’re in Middle Tennessee in April, I am offering a workshop designed to help the participants dial in many of the principles referenced above – and more. It’s called “Life Rhythm,” and your total investment is $150 and 2 hours once a week for every week in April (4 sessions). Please connect with me if you’re interested

All in the interest of helping you get more out of life 🙂

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