One sure-fire way to fail in Real Estate Sales is . . .

Lack of FOCUS!

Many folks can likely stop reading this post after seeing those 3 words (Lack of FOCUS).

They’ll nod their heads and cringe as they acknowledge they’re “Guilty as charged.”

Others will practice resolute denial and might even say out loud:

“Oh! THIS one doesn’t apply to ME!”

Here’s a brief test:

Group A

  1. Do you have more than ONE “Tab” open on your internet browser NOW?
  2. Is your Cell Phone within visual distance of you NOW?
  3. Is the volume of your cell phone turned up enough that you can hear the various chirps and noises it makes when receiving new messages or calls?
  4. Are there other people in the room with you? Are they talking?
  5. When you drive your car, do you use “Hands-Free” to talk on your cell phone?
  6. When you drive your car, do you check your cell phone every time you stop?
  7. Do you text or check email or place outgoing calls while driving?
  8. Do you have more than one “Job”?
  9. Do you consider yourself to be a great “Multitasker?”
  10. Do you sometimes walk into a room and COMPLETELY forget why?

Group B

  1. If I were to ask 10 random people who know you what you do for a living, will at least 8 of them give me the right answer?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be “Full Time” in your profession (Real Estate Sales)?
  3. Do you “Go to Work” 5 days a week?
  4. If I call your cell phone, will your outgoing message include the name of the firm with which you are affiliated?
  5. At a minimum, do you stop by your office at least once EVERY week to check mail and see what’s happening at “Home Base?”
  6. Do you attend at least one educational or networking event relevant to your profession each month?
  7. Do you consistently complete more continuing education hours than required each year?
  8. Do you have a niche?
  9. Is your income flow from your profession steady?
  10. Do you LOVE your profession so much that it doesn’t feel like “work” when you’re practicing?

If you answered “Yes!” to more than 2 of the questions in Group 1


If you answered “No!” to more than 2 of the questions in Group 2

I hereby declare you in danger of experiencing some level of “Fail” as a result of “Lack of Focus”

This “Lack of Focus” thing can be extremely career limiting.

I can’t begin to tell you the number of Real Estate Licensees I see who are struggling with ramping up a steady income flow. When talking with these folks to figure out how to get their business off the ground, it generally takes less than 3 minutes to pinpoint the fact that their primary obstacle has NOTHING to do with talent, the market, personality profile . . . and EVERYTHING to do with failure to focus.


Does it stem from an inherent lack of faith?

Lack of commitment?


or all of the above?

There is NO amount of “training” that will fix these issues.

FOCUS must begin on the inside.

Appropriate focus shows up with a resolute commitment to be INTENTIONAL about EVERYTHING you do.

Living “ON PURPOSE!”

Is this just a bunch of cliches?

I dare you to give it a try.

Abandon the Multi-level marketing, “get Rich” Schemes and decide to have enough FAITH in yourself and your abilities to JUMP with ALL of your focus into your career.

Decide that failure is NOT an option.

Let’s DO this!

PS – I heard yesterday of a local real estate firm marketing to recruit and support “Part Time Agents” . . .


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