One Sure-Fire way to Appreciate Memorial Day!

Today we Honor those who have served in the Armed forces to GUARANTEE our Freedom and way of life.

This day is a day of remembrance and appreciation.

The most poignant way I can possibly imagine for ANYONE to gain a real-life view of the

Tn Vet Cemeteryimmensity of what we are talking about when honoring those who have served and died either while serving or in later years is to visit a local Veterans Cemetery.

While driving out for a hike in The Narrows of the Harpeth yesterday, we drove past the Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery and noticed lots of activity, so we stopped in for a visit.

There was, in fact, a Memorial Service complete with 21 gun salute, and a military band – all of which we intended to stay and enjoy . . . but we were early, so we had time for walking through the thousands of tombstones arranged chronologically by date of Death.

Each tombstone had Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Branch of Service, War(s) or Theatre of Operations in which they served, and some had short epitaphs.

This walk was humbling and overwhelming . . . It was a veritable stroll through History . . . and very emotional as we approached the most recent “Dates of Deaths” where we saw relatives visiting recently deceased loved ones and paying respects.

We listened to a couple of songs from the band and decided to move on to enjoy the pristine nature of the Harpeth River . . . acknowledging that it is thanks to these fallen Veterans that we have the freedoms we enjoy each and every day.

I invite you to take a walk in your local Veterans Cemetery . . . and to humble remember.

Hope you have a joyful and safe Memorial Day Celebration today!


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  1. Loved your blog post…Richard and I intentionally visited the same cemetery today…and I blogged about it too. The experience of walking around the cemetery was quite humbling and reminded me of how very grateful I am to be an American! Hope your Memorial Day was a happy one!

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