On Ways Social Media Can Be Socially Suicidal – BONUS – 2 Top 10 Lists

There are not many people in the “civilized world” who are not engaged/participating in some form of social media.

Facebook alone boasts over a HALF BILLION users (Yes! 500,000,000+) – and there’s Twitter and Snapchat and instagram and facetime and linkedin and and and . . .

A friend on Facebook shared this link:

Facebook Makes Us Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Finds

My first thought was along the lines of:

“This depends on how you allow it to “make you feel.”

After all, don’t we all still have the Spiritual, Mental, and Social capacity of CHOICE? Can we not CHOOSE with whom we interact on social media as we do in “real life?”

Doesn’t the law of 2 feet apply in all things?

“If at any time you find ¬†yourself in a place where you feel you are neither contributing or receiving anything of value, then it is up to YOU to use your two feet (or fingers on you mouse/keyboard) to take yourself to a place where you feel like you ARE contributing/receiving value.”

When someone you know misbehaves, hurts your feelings, or otherwise steps over the line with respect to your relationship, you can choose whether or not to continue the relationship.

Will you let it consume you, or will you use your 2 feet and move towards a more useful application of your time, energy, money, heart, effort, generosity . . . ?

Will you allow them to drain your psyche even for a brief period of time?

Will this derail your forward momentum towards your goals and dreams?

The article above references some of the ways people ALLOW Facebook to make them “sadder” and one of the primary points is one of “Social Comparison” . . . How FEEL relative to all of your “Friends” who are providing a continuous stream of posts that demonstrate perfect and accomplished lives.

The reality is that much of what you see has “Fishing Story” all over it – Often flavored by a healthy dose of “Poetic License” (exaggeration) . . . and perhaps even some fibbing.

When you compare yourself to other peoples’ public projections of their own lives, you’re playing the ultimate (and unwinable) “Keeping up with the Joneses” game.

“Sadder” happens in Social Media because it’s a veritable MEGAPHONE for lots of people who have unbelievably high regard for their own accomplishments . . . Heroes in their own minds.

Considering all of the above, I propose that we all take a look at how we CHOOSE to feel based on our social media experiences.

I am most saddened when I hear of tragic happenings (Suicide, Bullying, etc) perpetuated by Social Media interactions . . . that world is NOT the “Real World” and never will be.

@ “Top 10 Lists” Follow

Top 10 Social Media Fouls

10. Attacking another person’s character publicly

9. Over-inflating business accomplishments

8. Use of foul language.

7. Inappropriate Pictures (Nudity – Provocative)


5. Stealing other people’s ideas without giving credit

4. Judging people whose beliefs don’t align with yours

3. Posting your “Dirty Laundry”

2. Stalking

1. Posting Negativity (Everything is WRONG) – Sadness

Top 10 Ways to Deal with Other’s Social Media Fouls

10. Take the High Road

9. Don’t engage at their level

8. Unfriend repeat offenders

7. If it’s someone you care about, contact them privately to discuss the the foul (Don’t “out them” publicly)

6. Be truthful

5. Be Nice!

4. Be Generous

3. Acknowledge Other people’s accomplishments

2. Be a connector – Connect like-minded people to each other

1. NEVER React . . . Always Respond

I personally LOVE Social Media and cannot agree that it “Makes ME Sadder.”

Having said that, I can also report that I unfriended 4 people on facebook this week because I realized that reading their posts was not useful/constructive for me.

and so I used my 2 feet and continue my walk with people who share my passion for learning and sharing.

What’s YOUR choice?

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