No Pictures? It didn’t happen . . .

The #OwenHollow Spring Cookout happened on Saturday May 18, 2019 . . . or did it?

There was no “no picture taking” rule in effect.

I was the host, and my only “Directives” were Directions to the Hollow (Because GPS won’t take you there), the price of admission was simply: “Bring Goodwill, yourself, and anyone you want to be there.” If you’re compelled to bring anything to share, feel free to bring a side, Beverages, or something sweet.

All the right people showed up with all the right stuff. I provided my “famous fall-off-the-bone babyback ribs” and cornbread pancakes, Grilled Burgers, Brats, Chicken, Cole slaw and a variety of beverages.

Most of these folks had not ever met each other, so everyone was a stranger when they arrived . . . and family when they left. Family, friends, REALTORS (Pareto and others), Open Space Colleagues, and neighbors . . . an eclectic group for sure.

The connections were rich.

Owen Hollow was EXACTLY the right place for this particular group to come together. In fact, I believe that we collectively solved ALL of the world’s problems in 5ish hours we were together. You have nothing to worry about any more.

We did this without any agenda whatsoever . . . imagine that . . . no rules and no agenda . . . and this spectacular event happened with no perceivable drama whatsoever. Self-organization happened – Everyone who showed up participated in the “details” of “Holding this “safe space” by setting up, grilling food, cleaning etc . . . I (as host) had very little to do beyond letting people know where to find things like trash bags, utensils . . . etc.

Imagine that . . . 30+ people – no caterer – 1 Host who was free to participate without worrying about things getting done . . . priceless!

To my knowledge, there were NO pictures taken and posted on social media.

Why weren’t there any pictures taken?

Everyone present was fully there . . . engaged and fulfilled.


So . . . No pictures = It didn’t happen?

PS – Every gathering, meeting, conference, learning opportunity, can be like this. All we’ve gotta do is let go of our “need to control” and open space for remembering our innate capacity to self-organize around important issues and opportunities . . . and it all begins with an invitation with heart. #nothinghaschanged

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