Ninja strategy

Zan Monroe gets it . . . so much so that he has created an entire selling philosophy around the notion of Ninja selling.

To hear him tell the story, he started thinking about it because of one particular agent in his office who was always the TOP home Seller . . . and was seldom seen in the office. This top seller would somehow magically visit the office sight unseen and POOF – The staff would find piles of folders with new listings and sales each morning . . . How the files got there and how he was able to do so much business was a mystery.

That’s how ninjas work . . . Silent but deadly!

So . . . Was this guy a magician . . . or a mega-marketer?

Turns out, the guy was just a regular guy who understood a very simple fundamental concept . . . that sales is a relationship business . . . and that the deeper the relationships, the better the odds of having more opportunities to do business.


Simple . . . Identify 200-250 people who you know who know, like, and trust you and intentionally make PERSONAL contact with each one of them every 30 days . . . PERIOD!

Could it really be that simple?

Whatever happened to farming and working expired and withdrawn listings and FSBOs? How could this happen without TV and radio air time, billboards, grocery cart placards, newspaper ads and inserts, Drug store bag ads, and thousands of direct mail pieces each month?

Aren’t you s’posed to spend money to make money?

Conventional wisdom be GONE!

Scrub your database and pick out your top 200 closest contacts and give this theory a test drive. Call 10 of them each business day . . . Follow each call with a handwritten note . . . Do this FIRST THING every morning or you’ll never get it done.

I’m in the midst of doing this . . . Just scrubbed my “Inner Circle” from @ 450 people to 217 and started calling each morning @ 8:15. It takes me about an hour and a half to make the 10 calls and write 15 notes (I also write “Thank You” notes to people I saw the day before).

After 5 days (50 contacts), I had 5 new leads . . .

Hmmm – 7 1/2 hours invested doing something I enjoy with no financial commitment other than $22 in postage nets 5 leads?

Sneak out . . . serve those 5 leads impeccably . . . sneak back in and deliver the proceeds . . . NINJA style 🙂

Could life get any better than this?

I’m just sayin’



PS – My friend Gwen advises (wisely) that when you scrub your database, save the information of the ones you remove in a group that you can “touch” in other ways – Periodic direct mail etc.

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