New toys – Good for business? (or distractions?)

Don’t you LOVE getting new toys?

(I’m speaking of new “Productivity Toys” for the office)

The long anticipated box shows up at the front door, and like a kid on Christmas morning, you rip into the box and pull everything out and start plugging it all in so you can PLAY with it.

This eagerness can go many places . . .

It could be a smooth, pleasurable ride to the destination (Higher Productivity)


It could be a Love/Hate thing . . . a twisty-turny escapade including panicky calls to “Support” resulting in a “Let’s band-aid and duct tape this thing together so we can get to work,” (Often resulting in a toy that you never have the ability to use it to it’s full potential/capability).


It could be all HATE with NOTHING working as promised thereby consuming HOURS of agony ending in DEFEAT (Boxing the toy back up and shipping back to it’s creator).

I’m on the precipice of a flurry of new toys descending upon our office.

The first is our NEW WEBSITE which actually showed up a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been tweaking it and adding content gradually.

This one is Love/Hate but more Love than Hate as we get more accustomed to the way the thing works . . . and today was especially love as I finally got to see what seemed to be a miraculous coming together of all that we have done.

Check it out here in all of it’s magnificence:

ALSO . . . Check it out on your smartphone and do some property searches . . . Pretty cool and we haven’t even tweaked that part yet 🙂

as it happened, part of the Hate side of that relationship centered around our early discovery that we could not use the URL we had already marketed to the masses . . .

So I swung into action and procured another NEW TOY!

I grabbed a new template for my somewhat ugly WordPress blogsite and spent the day today working on making that site become an on-line portal to the “main Website” . . . This one was, again, mostly hate on the front end (Steep Learning curve) and lots of love now at the end. Check out my progress here:

This site ALSO looks pretty cool on a smartphone.

(Still have a wee bit of tweaking to do but it CLEARLY does what we set out for it to do – Host this blog and point people to our main site)

Just as I was leaving the office this afternoon, I noticed a BIG BOX at my door . . . YIPPEEEEE! Another TOY!

My new printer has arrived . . . and my new “All-In-One” desktop PC is to arrive tomorrow . . . Will the set-up of these 2 toys be, Love – Hate – or Love/Hate?

or perhaps the better questions to ask:

  • Once they’re set up and functioning properly, what will they do for productivity?
  • What’s the “Opportunity Cost” of the time, energy, money expended to reach operational stage?
  • Is the ROI calculatable (Return on Investment)
  • If it works for a while and then breaks, will you have a back-up plan?

so . . . The million dollar question:

Did you buy this toy because it’s new and hip (to keep up with the Joneses)? or because it fills a real gap in your operation?

I’m not going to judge ANY of your answers . . . I only want you to be clear with your purpose and intentions.

As long as YOU know WHY, all of the above is mere chatter.

There ain’t no rules . . .

it’s all ALWAYS moving.


ok – Back to creating content for the website (which is the equivalent of writing @ 10 blog posts every day thus the flippancy of this post)

I’m just venting . . . let it go . . .



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