Never stop building and seeking.

A friend is looking for a new job.

He had a GREAT interview this past week that resulted in an intensive follow-up interview . . . ending with the HR guy telling him some verification needs to happen and “We’ll get back to you in about a week.”

Friend was bouncing off the walls CERTAIN that this job is in the bag and wondering if he should go ahead and give notice to his current job . . . so he called HR dude back and asked? The reply:

“Definitely not, DEFINITELY not, DEFINITELY NOT!”



Could this mean that the job is not going to happen?


Does HR guy simply want to protect him from himself by getting his hopes too high when anything could still happen . . . even though he really does appear to be the best candidate?

Thoughts of “Don’t put all eggs on a single basket” and “Don’t count chickens before they hatch” and “it ain’t over til it’s over” were whoring through my head as I witnessed the self-imposed anguish.

Seth Godin recently wrote: “Not everything you do actually gets a response. In fact, most of it doesn’t. But each effort is a tiny brick in the wall of perception, even when it appears to be dumb and even senseless.”

The “problem” with most business professionals today (IMHO) is this insatiable need for instant gratification. It’s the idea that if we do THIS,  then THAT should happen . . . IMMEDIATELY!


That’s simply delusional thinking because the real truth is that when breakthroughs happen, more often than not, there’s no way to pin down WHY or HOW they happened . . . They just did . . . out of the clear blue sky . . . SHAZAM – SUCCESS!

I think Seth nailed it . . . It’s all those little things we’ve done along the way that build up to that climactic moment when we realize we’ve MADE it.

Funny thing is . . . by that time, the only person surprised by the success is self.

Winners never stop building their businesses and their relationships – NEVER!

Winners never stop seeking new opportunities for personal and professional growth!

Winners never stop forging new relationships.

In my book, the definition of “Focus” is not more complex than “Always Moving FORWARD towards a clear vision/Purpose”

This does not require herculean feats or quantum leaps . . . Each small step gets ya closer.

Just sayin’



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