National Home Buyer Appreciation Day

Let’s celebrate ALL home buyers SUNDAY May 31, 2015!



  • THEY fund the transaction
  • THEY were the ones who had to make ridiculous offers on multiple properties before finally winning a bid on a house for which they are certain they overpaid.
  • THEY were the ones who persevered through home Inspection discovered deficiencies the Seller refused to address “because another buyer won’t make them an issue.”
  • THEY were the ones who had to bow down to everyone ELSE’s timing.
  • THEY were the ones who faced a veritable GAUNTLET of last minute loan underwriter nit picking.
  • THEY were the ones who, when they did their walk through, discovered the seller had skimped on repairs and cleanliness thereby leaving them a MESS to clean before moving in.
  • THEY were the ones forced to do an “interim move” because the sellers “needed more time”

Yes! There is some serious game playing happening on the part of Home Sellers at the expense of Buyers . . . This doesn’t have to happen even in this strong Seller’s Market.

If you’re considering buying a home in this market, I think you’re an absolute lunatic if you attempt to do so without the representation of a Real Estate Sales Professional with nerves of steel.

Don’t think a contract will guarantee the Seller will perform as promised because many won’t  . . . They know that the probability of the Buyer exercising her right to legal recourse is minimal, so they take their chances and do as they please.

I’m a card carrying member of the “Perform per the contract enforcement bureau” . . . Don’t even think about it if you’re on the other side of the transaction from me . . . unless you “Feel Lucky!”

So . . . back on point (and off the soap box).

I LOVE HOME BUYERS as if they’re family and have a real passion for protecting them from all of the harm that may come their way throughout the transaction in a Seller’s market.

I and the Vital Few members of the Pareto Realty tactical Sales Team are here to protect and serve ALL parties to real estate contracts by demanding performance per the written agreement.

Play nice folks . . .


Don’t forget to hug a Home Buyer tomorrow!

They’re THE key to keeping the real estate market moving.

If they quit . . . where will we be?


Home sellers should be having their homes professionally cleaned after they move out AND should be leaving fresh flowers, a nice bottle of wine, and a trove of chocolate for their Buyers 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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