Nashville Real Estate Consortium

You are hereby INVITED to the first annual

Nashville Real Estate Consortium and Trade Show

May 5, 2011

8:30 AM – 5ish PM (Party Following)

Houston Station – 434 Houston Street 37203

What’s the Purpose?

We believe that the Real estate Industry is (and always has been) the foundation of the community. REALTORS tend to be the connectors . . . The community organizers . . . the networkers who often get things DONE.

When someone has a need for just about anything in the local community, odds are very good that if they call their REALTOR they will find it . . . whether it be the right repair company, restaurant, contractor, etc etc etc . . .

When REALTORS gather together in Middle Tennessee, magical things happen because we Southerners are very generous and sharing folks . . . always looking for a way to lend a hand. We are “The Volunteers” in most all community settings.

How powerful would it be if we were to assemble as many as 200 REALTORS for a full day conference in a single place with nothing else to do but learn and share . . . from each other? 

Individually, we each have much to offer . . . collectively, we can leverage each other and SIGNIFICANTLY impact the speed at which our local community recovers from the economic down-turn in which we find our country embedded.

We invite you to this event where you can find this leverage for whatever part of this recovery effort for which YOU have passion.


Leveraging REALTOR and LOCAL Business relationships to Fortify Nashville, Tennessee’s Economy

What’s Going to Happen?

The honest answer is that we just don’t know except that we propose to create an Open Space in which good thinking, creating, celebrating, and just being together can occur.

Don’t expect “Keynote Speakers” or “classroom instruction” . . .

The Consortium design is simple and open. This is YOUR meeting . . . YOUR opportunity to state your passion (Issues and Opportunities) relating to the theme and take responsibility for your part in moving forward.

EVERY issue brought by any participant will be discussed before the conclusion of the day.

Your first responsibility is to show up and be present . . . beyond that, your full participation will guarantee that any issue of concern to you will be addressed.


This conference is not designed for “Drop-ins”. You will contribute and receive the most value if you plan to come for the whole thing . . . so . . . Leave your “work” at work and come enjoy the day with us. At the end of the day, you’ll be delighted with your choice to engage fully.

We have taken care of the details. Plenty of Food and Beverages will be available (at no cost) for the whole day.


In keeping with our “Local Business” theme, we have invited local vendors to “buy” space in our trade show. Each vendor will have a 6′ table in the main meeting area for the duration of the event. These vendors may also participate in the conference and are sure to add valuable perspectives of their own as the day unfolds.

Any money left over after paying all the bills will be donated equally to 3 “charities” which are near and dear to most REALTOR’S hearts

Nashville Area Habitat For Humanity

RPAC – REALTOR’S Political Action Committee

The Realtracs Rising Hope Disaster Relief Fund

Pick up your ticket here:

We set up a PayPal account to make donations easy – Vendors can pay for booths here . . . and we’ll take anyone’s money and distribute it equally to the 3 causes above.

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