N – S – E – W – Developments Springing up in all directions

I’ve noticed a trend here in Middle Tennessee.

The Developers and Builders are BUSY!

Yep! they’re back in business, and it’s not just in isolated areas of Nashville.

There’s Building and Development happening ALL over Nashville and surrounding cities/burbs.

New businesses and manufacturing plants are starting to show up, and with each new entry comes a fresh batch of NEW JOBS.

Job Creation leads to a stimulated economy (more money flowing) and MORE HOUSE SALES.

Yes! Those houses and condos are SELLING. In fact, the resale inventory is all but GONE, so we’ve reached that sweet spot for builders and developers to create housing “in the gaps.”

This means they are seeking “in-fill opportunities” . . . Splotches of land on which they can build 2 or 5 or 10 or 75 “units.”

It seems that everything they’re building is selling before completion.

It also seems that there’s a relative scarcity of available land, so I’m seeing some focus on “Assemblage” of several parcels to create one larger development.

This is also happening on the Commercial side of things – Mid-rise, Mix-use, slated for Green Hills (Corner of richard Jones and Hillsboro) . . . Highrise Apartment Building in the Gulch . . . “Palmer Lake” on Broadway is soon to become a Hotel with retail and office . . . The new Convention Center will be on-line in 2013.

On the East side, there are neighborhoods that have long been ignored which are now experiencing a buzz of developers and builders scouring the area looking for ways to satisfy this new-found groundswell of Buyer demand.

Williamson County seems to have a new development springing up every time I look.

As this recovery evolves, pricing is (and will) RISE.

So . . .

If you have always wanted “in on the ground level” of something BIG, now’s your chance 🙂

Just contact me!

We at Pareto Realty are poised and ready to lead the way 🙂



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