My App and Your App aren’t getting along

Often, dueling technologies don’t play well together.

And when this happens, efforts become redundant and clumsy as each operator has to retool his way to mesh with hers.

It becomes a battle of wills which serves no-one well . . . until one of the combatants acquiesces.

2 different digital signature platforms can make spaghetti out of any otherwise clean and neat transaction.

Better yet . . . try one side with digital signatures and the other with paper and scan/fax.

“electronic apps man” whirls documents through ether-space effortlessly and miraculously parks executed documents in the “Transaction folder” with the expectation that the other player inherently knows the document is there.

Deadlines pass . . .

Files hit the Office audit . . . and fail miserably.

Of course, none of this would be a problem if EVERYONE were to use the same APP, right?

But that’s not reality . . .

so . . . use your app to your heart’s content but don’t expect me to retool my whole way of doing business for your convenience.

(This post is on the heels of a mad scramble 2 days before closing caused by 2 agents using different apps . . . one out of 11 documents was executed properly)


Published by Barry Owen

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