Must you recreate the wheel?

Everyone knows that having the right tools makes a world of difference when tackling any project.

At a minimum, not having (or having and not knowing how to use) said “right tools” contributes significantly to the frustration level of getting this thing DONE!

Worst case?


Of course, there are myriad tweens (Happenings in that broad spectrum between frustration and DEATH) that might occur, but I believe it’s an indisputable fact that having the right tools and knowing how to use them safely is 9/10 the battle of not only getting things DONE but also getting things done RIGHT . . . the FIRST time.

Herein lies the differentiating factors which, if considered prior to tackling this task, could significantly help rational beings decide whether this is a DIY project (Do it yourself) or a project to “outsource” to a professional.

For those egotists out there who want the “bragging rights” about getting this thing done, you can brag either way because of your genius approach.

You either acquired the right tools, learned how to use them, and purchased all the right materials . . . and then masterfully completed the task . . . or

You took the brilliant move of find that expert craftsman who was able to swoop in and perform the task with precision as you napped in your hammock drinking PBR.

Either way, you ARE the Hero you think you are because that thing is DONE.

You earned these bragging right because YOU were the person who stepped up and took responsibility for getting that thing DONE!

YOU made this happen!

You were the one who not only showed up but also assessed the situation and then took appropriate action and followed it through to completion.


YOU took the initiative on this project that no one dared touch.

I am (and all of your friends and family are) awesomely appreciative of your efforts and selfless commitment to serve others through your handling of this oh-so-necessary task.

Yes – This post is very facetiously tongue in cheek, and I have a real message.

When something needs to get done, the very first and most important thing that MUST happen is that someone shows up and takes responsibility for moving this initiative forward.

So often, I witness REALTORS (and other business professionals) who are surrounded by all the right tools (because they bought them at conventions and from telemarketers and as a result of google searches and because they were offered at a discount as long as you buy NOW and because they promised that THIS tool alone will increase their productivity dramatically within minutes of opening the box or installing the program or app).

At the risk of bursting lots of bubbles . . . buying all the right tools doesn’t do a thing for your business unless you actually show up and take responsibility by opening the box and learning how to use them . . . This requires your FULL attention for whatever period of time that’ll be sufficient enough to understand and install and implement this new thing into your way of doing business.

Unless you’ve done this, you’ve wasted your time, energy, and money.

So . . . before you buy ANYTHING else, look at what you already have and consider how you might be able to get more benefit from THAT.

God forbid THIS thought . . . You might just learn that the $multithousanddollar CRM program you’ve been paying monthly but not using has HUGE potential you didn’t even know was there.

You’ve been burning money for nothing.

So . . . If you’re not going to optimize your use of that CRM, you’ve got no right to gripe about it’s “ineffectiveness.”

Perhaps you’d do better lead generation with a legal pad or excel spreadsheet and your cell phone in a coffee shop.

Be willing to do whatever it takes!

Be that person who shows up . . . consistently and persistently . . . and you’ll be the hero in the minds of other people in addition to your own.

Published by Barry Owen

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