More effective use of your marketing dollars

Why do you spend money on Marketing?

What’s your goal with every dollar you spend on Marketing?

Do you think it through to the end before making the choice to spend more?

What results do you WANT?

More Leads?

More Sales?

Better quality of life derived from more income?

Less work and more play?

Easier deals?

Regular, predictable income flow?

How much would you be willing to pay for a magic pill that accomplishes ALL of the above?

Are you coachable?

Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve all of the above?

Willing to be held accountable for doing what you say you’ll do?

Performance Oriented?

COMMITTED to your goals?


Have you ever considered hiring a Business or Life Coach?

This would be a person who could very possibly coach you into doing virtually EVERY one of these things above without an increase in your marketing budget.


We (Businesses) market to attract and capture more LEADS so we can have the possibility of more CLOSINGS/Regular income . . .

Theoretically, more marketing dollars spent yield more leads . . . but those “promises” often fall short . . . If we buy into that way way of thinking we run the risk of living to WORK rather than working to LIVE.

We get into the vortex of needing to make more money to feed the marketing machine (rather than to improve quality of life).

I subscribe to a simple philosophy of “Life Rhythm” . . . and have developed  a nice way to flow with LIVE – WORK – PLAY to optimize performance.

Don’t you love those marketers who try to sell you fancy marketing gizmos and website memberships that “ONLY cost $300/mth” and try to close the deal by saying: “All you need to pay for this for a YEAR is ONE additional closed transaction.”

I think any time you get an “opportunity” to spend $300/month on ANYTHING . . . Before biting . . . Think: “What else might I be able spend this $300/month on that has potential for bringing me MORE?”

I think doing the right things and being willing to be held accountable will bring FAR more than “one additional transaction” . . . and I have a solution.


For the past 2 years, I have been polishing the “Life Rhythm Way” . . .

A way of living and working and playing that fosters HIGH ACHIEVEMENT.

For each of the next 3 months, I’ll accept 5 new clients into this program.

When you’re ready to find YOUR Life Rhythm, just connect with me.



PS – Real Estate Firm Owners and Brokers – If you are interested in increase the over-all agent productivity in your firm, I have sessions designed for as short as 60 minutes to multi-day retreats.

Published by Barry Owen

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