Monday Morning Coffee – Your Life Rhythm Budget

Some folks saw the word “Budget” in the title and have chosen not to read this post.

“Budget” has a bad rap for many people because of implications of “Discipline” – “Restrictions” – “Boundaries” – “Rigidity” – “Creativity/Innovation inhibitor” . . .

“Budget” often offers the perfect escape hatch from new ideas for PIC’s (People in Charge) to maintain the status quo, to avoid change, to protect their comfort zone.

We CAN’T do THAT because there’s not room in the BUDGET for it!

“Meeting Budget” offers myriad opportunities for ANXIETY and STRESS. It can create tension as folks find themselves the reality of¬†limited resources VS unlimited dreams, aspirations, and expectations.

I believe that if you’re going to expect anything . . . Expect to be SURPRISED!

Consider “Budget” in a slightly less mechanistic context.

What about your “Life Rhythm” . . . Life FLOW?

What elements in your life must (do) you budget in order to sustain a Healthy Life Rhythm . . . one which is purposeful, intentional, and satisfying?








. . . and the list goes and goes and goes . . .

How can we “Budget” these elements to find some semblance of (at a minimum) an illusion of BALANCE in our lives?

Intentional Attention . . .

Paying more attention to elements that MATTER (and less attention to those that don’t) . . .

Listening to your gut and KNOWING when it’s time to use your 2 feet to take yourself to place in which you can spend your time, energy, attention in alignment with your PURPOSE.¬†

Being Intentional at this level ain’t easy for most folks because of the bajillions of “spanners” in the works . . .

distractions (bright, shiny objects – Greener grass) . . .

societal pressures (Keeping up with the Joneses) . . .

Environmental disturbances (Macro-economic shifts) . . .

Bad news . . . Those “spanners” will always be present.

Good news . . .

You can decide now not to allow them to break your rhythm.

Just keep on dancin’

Just sayin’



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