Monday Morning Coffee – Why Christmas?

It’s gonna be a great day!

I saw a recent writing (didn’t capture the source) . . . Oh! Wait!

The source is our priest at The Cathedral of The Incarnation here in Nashville.

While we all go into our days of Christmas celebrations with all of the trimmings and and gifts, let’s not forget the origin of this tradition which started with:

A lowly couple looking for a safe place to birth a baby conceived unexplainably  out of wedlock and no place to go. The first Christmas happened in a manger with not much noise and regalia in a remote and humble place.

Your celebration in the next few days will likely be radically different.

This is not a bad thing – I write this as I look at our 12′ tree with a solid foundation of gifts for our family to open on Christmas morning.

We have “invested” months of time and energy into being prepared – We will provide a feast for as many as 50 people tomorrow – and we will celebrate in awe of the reason.

Even as people everywhere forget or question . . . WHY?

I think this “Why?” is as individual as it gets . . . We each have our own framing of this Christmas Celebration . . . and no one is any more “right” than anyone else.

For me . . . It boils down to the ultimate “Thanksgiving” . . . Thank you God for all of this which we cannot explain!”


I wish you and your family a celebration that’ll make your family History books.

We have SO many reasons to be thankful.

I think YOU for listening throughout the year.

We are ALL making a difference.

Here we come 2013!



PS – I’m especially thankful for the thriving economy here in Middle TN and a housing market that keeps my family “employed”

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