Monday Morning Coffee – Whenever it starts is the right time

Good morning!

Easter is this Sunday and our world here in Middle Tennessee is in FULL Spring.

As I was driving to the office this morning, I marveled at the amount of POLLEN in the air, on the roads, and even coloring the rain drops . . . EVERYTHING has a green hue.

Other than the allergy inflammation that always ensues this time of year (I’ve already endured my first 3 day sinus headache), this is one of my “Top 2” favorite times of the year (Running Neck and Neck with Fall).

EVERYTHING is BURSTING forth with POTENTIAL, and it’s all very exciting.

Every morning, I look out the window and discover new blooms.

Tomorrow’s weather forecast showed a snowflake on the smartphone this morning . . . Seems we’re not quite “finished” with cold weather.

Whenever it starts is the right time . . . Spring doesn’t show up as we decide or expect.

Just as with most anything of significance that happens in our lives, creativity and Spirit seldom move according to our plans. We love to THINK that we are in “Control,” but the reality is that it is when we are open to new possibilities that the things that really matter just HAPPEN.

There’s rarely any rhyme or reason to the timing of it all, so we rely on this principle that “Whenever it starts is the right time” (From Open Space Technology)

This principle does NOT let us off the hook of taking personal responsible for following our passion and taking initiative (Seizing the day).

For sure, our modern day way of life offers us MANY distractions and excuses for failing to take appropriate action towards our goals.

Pope Francis in his Exhortation (#7) simply states: “our “technological society has succeeded in multiplying occasions of pleasure, yet has found it very difficult to engender joy”

Clearly, it’s up to us individually to protect ourselves from all of the NOISE and seek “joy.”

Seth Godin chimes in with a powerful blog post that acknowledges the roles of TRUST and attention in this life dance: “Trust is scarce because it’s not a simple instinct and it’s incredibly fragile, disappearing often in the face of greed, shortcuts or ignorance.” Trust and attention, the endless dance

There is NO time like the present . . . Are you waiting for “Whenever?”

That’s OK . . .As long as whenever is now.” (Another jewel of a quote from Seth Godin The Right Moment)

Here’s my invitation:

Whatever it is . . . Is it possible that “Whenever” is NOW?

Just on the chance that all of the above resonates with you in a real estate kinda way, I and the “Vital Few” Real Estate Sales Professionals stand poised and ready to consult with you to explore your options in today’s’ real estate market whether you are considering Buying or selling and house, condo, or investment property anywhere in Middle TN.

Make NOW your Whenever!


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