Monday Morning Coffee – What Good are Leaders?

Good Monday Morning!

The past few weeks have been chock full of surprises on many levels for many people.

Markets are shifting, Technology is morphing, EVERYTHING seems to be CHANGING – Always!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply make a plan and actually stick to THAT plan from conception to Mission Accomplishment without distractions, diversions, road-blocks . . . ?

The real truth is that there’s not more (nor less) change and uncertainty now than before.

It’s the SPEED that seems to be accelerating.

The life cycle of a new product or idea is shorter than ever.

I think that by the time a new product hits the market, the next “Improved” model is already under production.

Where do we find motivation in this world of raplexity?

Many have abandoned the notion of making plans and setting goals out of sheer frustration with the PACE of the marketplace . . . It’s a veritable Maelstrom that seems to swallow virtually everything that shows up into an oblivion of noise and volume.

I addressed some of these concerns (Internet and Real Estate Related) in this post The Next MAJOR Internet Paradigm Shift?

Given all of the above: What Good are Leaders, Plans , and Goals?

Can they possibly be effective in such an Hyper-Active environment?

I say: YES!

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Great Leaders these days CREATE:

  • Azimuth – A Direction of Travel – Clarity of Purpose – A vision what is possible
  • Projection of Force – Assemble the right People and Resources to build MOMENTUM along the Azimuth towards the Vision
  • Logistics – Foresight to ensure that the Operation doesn’t outpace the supply lines (Leverage) – Through Innovation and Smart Growth

and they understand the brilliance of the “Element of SURPRISE”

Most great Leaders are considered to be “Quacks” – Non-Conformists – and are generally disliked by the “generalists” in their field. This often works to their advantage as they continue along their azimuth under the radar of the mainstream and seem to emerge SUDDENLY (Surprise) when they reach their “Tipping Point

Here’s the kicker . . . EVERYONE at EVERY level has the potential to be one of these leaders.

It all begins with Passion and Clarity of Purpose (an Azimuth), willingness to take personal responsibility for bringing your personal power to bear with appropriate LEVERAGE (People, Systems, Tools), and relentlessly PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT Projection of FORCE.

I stole most of the above ideas from the wisdom of a collage of great Military Leaders from eons ago . . . They’re timeless principles.

The secret weapon is a commitment to protect and sustain MOBILITY . . . Your ability to move and shift and adjust to the rapidly transforming environment.

Whatever we call it, RHYTHM is essential . . . Finding a “Flow” that keeps keeps things moving along the azimuth.

This is the way of my work with building Pareto Realty as a notable  real estate firm brand in Middle Tennessee. We know EXACTLY where we are going . . . and it’s a radically different (Unique) business model that, when we reach our tipping point, will surprise and delight our Agents and the Home Buyers and Sellers we serve. (Connect with me if you want to learn more)

I have a personal passion for helping people and organizations realize their OWN potential, and have developed a 6 session workshop designed to “Awaken the Leader Within” of the participants.

This is the “Life Rhythm Workshop” and is appropriate for ANYONE in ANY career.

March 5 is the date date of the first 2 Hour session.

The cost of the entire 6 Session workshop is $100.

The world desperately needs more Leaders.

Will YOU step up?

I hope so . . .

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