Monday Morning Coffee – What d’ya know?

Comfort zones are comfortable, aren’t they?

No! Really!

Folks could argue: “Why rock the boat if everything is cruising along with relative ease and enjoyment?”

I believe there’s a fine line here, over which the comfort zone lulls the patient (us) into a delusional false sense of security . . . and we practice the fine art of complacency and denial.

The real issue I have with this comfort zone idea is that those folks who stay “in there” tend to start believing:

  • There’s only ONE “Right” way
  • Non-believers are idiots
  • Our belief system is in a vacuum and has immunity to outside forces
  • There’s no need for CHANGE – EVER!
Yet . . . Everything is moving . . . ALWAYS!

The system isn’t (and cannot be) insulated from the rest of the world.

Motion is necessary to sustain life.

Breathing IN . . . Breathing OUT!

Minds are like parachutes – They don’t work very well unless OPEN!

Seth Godin wrote a blog post this morning that hit a chord for me:

Stick to what you (don’t) know . . . in which he says:

“The only way you ever know anything, in fact, is to speak up about it. Outline your argument, support it, listen, revise.

The byproduct of speaking up about what you don’t know is that you soon know more. And maybe, just maybe, the experts learn something from you and your process.

No one knows more about the way you think than you do. Applying that approach, combining your experience, taking a risk–this is what we need from you.”

So . . . an invitation:

Take some time every so often to consider your “way” and ask the question:

“Is it time to wander out my comfort zone a bit to see what I’m may be missing Out There?”

Make a habit of this, and you’ll likely surprise yourself with what you don’t know, what you thought you know (that you really don’t), What you know (believe) that may be filtering your life experience, what great knowledge is out there that could significantly improve your personal fulfillment.

There’s a GREAT BIG NEW WORLD OUT THERE just waiting for you to discover.

Don’t let fear of change stop you from being an inquisitive explorer and start questioning what you know today.


Just sayin!



PS – There are MANY myths floating around out “there” about what’s going on in the Real Estate Market . . . and everyone knows what they know . . . there are myriad experts (with just as many opinions and much wise analysis) . . . This presumed market volatility has frozen many potential Home Buyers and Sellers inside their comfort zones (inaction) when NOW very well may be one of the best times EVER to Buy or sell a house.

Of course, they won’t really know unless they ask the question:

“Is it time to wander out my comfort zone a bit to see what I’m may be missing Out There?”

I and my Team of “The Vital Few” here at Pareto Realty stand ready share our perspective about the market . . . and explores your personal opportunities. (1st Home, Larger/Smaller house, Investment Property, 2nd Home)

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